Guide to Travel Abroad During Covid-19

Sunny Samanta

28th Jul'21

Whether it is for a personal vacation or a professional one, you deserve to be applauded if you plan to travel abroad. As we know, the travel and tourism industry is one of the worst-hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, and it can definitely use all the help it gets. Besides, despite the Covid-19 vaccination making a positive impact overall, the risk remains. Also, you may have your concerns such as – How to travel during Covid-19? or whether it is safe to book a holiday during Covid-19?

Now you can even directly link the Covid-19 vaccination certificate with passport. Still, if you plan to travel abroad during Covid-19, you need to understand that it is personal. Therefore, you have to be highly vigilant while planning your trip, and there cannot be a better way than to check this guide below.


Travel Guidelines


Guide to Travel Abroad During Covid-19

Little information can go a long way in helping us deal with more significant issues. Likewise, from this step-by-step guide below, you can gain awareness and educate yourself more on traveling abroad during Covid-19. As a result, you can have a much more comfortable and less problematic experience while planning your trip.




Step 1: Educate Yourself

You may have traveled a lot across countries before the pandemic happened. But now the world has changed a lot and with it has changed its rules and regulations. Fortunately, it applies to traveling as well because it was the traveling people who spread the coronavirus in the first place.

So, start with checking out the guidance and restrictions changes. First, check with your government. To know more about the government guidelines and restrictions, you can visit:


After you have checked with national government guidelines, your next step should be to check with your state or local government. To know more about the state government guidelines and restrictions, you can visit:


Finally, check with the Airlines with which you are planning to fly abroad.


Trip Type


Step 2: Decide on Your Trip Type

Moving from “Step 1,” now you must decide if you will be undertaking a DIY (Do It Yourself) or taking the help of a certified travel advisor. Now, unless you have a travel agent, you can look online or ask someone with knowledge about it.

For example, you can visit, i.e., the American Society of Travel Advisors, and a few questions.


Travel Concerns


Step 3: Check Out Your Concern

Just like anyone else, you will also have concerns while planning to travel abroad. The best way to deal with your concerns is to make a list of them. List down all your Questions. Next, throughout the booking process, ensure that all your worries get addressed on a priority basis.

You can even check with the fellow passengers who you will be flying. Ask them if they have any concerns? See if their concerns are different from yours. Remember, concerns are a common thing to have in these testing times. So, never be afraid or hesitate to ask a question. Do not even shy away from being assertive to have your concerns addressed, as nothing else will matter more than knowing everything about your travel during Covid-19. Also, you may book your trip with or without the help of a travel advisor. Nevertheless, you must ensure that you refer to a dependable and knowledgeable person or an official on the matter.

A simple way to go about listing your concerns and getting an answer from someone would be:

  • Call, DM or email before you book.
  • Address your questions
  • If you are receiving vague answers, then move on and refer to someone else for guidance. As this is a serious matter, and you shouldn’t take it lightly.


Select Destinations


Step 4: Destination Selection

Whether it is beach selection, a place where you can go skiing, or a national park, destination selection is significant as there are many options from which you can select. After all, there's so many places to travel. So, educate yourself before choosing a destination as there are various factors involved in it, such as:

  • Different states have different travel rules and regulations in a country.
  • Different countries have different entry and exit travel requirements.

Some of these requirements may include an RT-PCR negative report and even a vaccination status report. Also, every country and every state has its own tourism bureau website. So, the best way to educate yourself on the matter is by visiting their websites to gather information. You can simply Google the State/Country name alongside “Tourism Website” to find their website online.




Step 5: Mode of Transportation

While the typical way of traveling abroad is by plane, however, some may opt to take a bus or a train ride to the destination if available. There will be specific guidelines that you must be aware of before booking the ticket in either case.

For example, while planning to travel abroad by plane, you should start looking at its fare from where you are flying and where you are going, of course. Some of the websites you can refer to for the following are KAYAK.COM and SKYSCANNER.COM. Also, look for a non-stop flight if possible. Other than this, different airlines can have different rules and guidelines for their fellow passengers. It will be related to mask-wearing, face shields, and hand gloves, etc. Abiding by all its rules must be mandatory as well.

Another way of dealing with all of this is to check for their official apps, if there. In this way, you will not have to worry about carrying a paper ticket or even face shields and gloves, as there may be an option to book them through the app itself. You may even be able to check-in beforehand, as in this way, you can avoid a particular crowd at the check-in point.

Likewise, you can follow the same procedure to look for the information and guidelines for traveling by bus or train. By following these essential requirements, you can avoid unwarranted contact with fellow passengers and the people outside. Also, to further minimize the contact, instead of booking an UBER or a taxi, you can drive yourself or ask a family person to drive you to the airport or the bus stand, or the railway station. Yes, the parking charge might add to your budget, but it will be completely worth it.


Hotel and Resort


Step 6: Where to Stay?

Your next step after booking your travel tickets should prioritize where you will be staying during your trip. Here you will have some options to book your stay. It can be an Airbnb, a Vrbo, a traditional hotel or motel, or a resort. Statistically, resorts are known for their standard cleaning procedures during Covid-19. Also, in every case, the government has instructed the hotels, resorts, and any other rental places to strictly follow the given Covid-19 guidelines. 

Some hotels and motels can be booked through apps so that you can check them out beforehand. In some cases, hotels and resorts provide “Keyless Entry,” where you can unlock your rooms from your smartphones.

In any case of where you choose to stay, you should look for minimum staff interactions and food delivery options. Also, if you are staying in a big hotel, avoid common touchpoints such as the elevators.


Bottom Line

With these step-by-step measured guidelines, you can ensure safe travel for yourself. However, despite following all the steps cautiously, you mustn’t forget the basic guidelines that we have been following so far. It includes wearing a mask while outside, timely sanitizations, and avoiding contact with other people. Also, while you are traveling, ensure you abide by local guidelines strictly and plan your journey on a day-to-day basis. Even check the restaurants you will be eating and the local vehicles you will be used for transportation.


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