Have you ever tried Meatless Meat?


20th Jul'20
Have you ever tried Meatless Meat? | OpenGrowth

The world is divided based on several parameters. Dietary habits are one of them. Dietary habits are the food choices preferred by people in their daily life. It differs from person to person. But, the good thing is that the world is so advanced that it offers you an option for every choice that you have made.


What is meatless meat?


Meat analogue is something which is an alternate of animal products for vegetarians. They comprise of similar chemical characteristics of meat. This food is made from vegetarian ingredients, and sometimes without animal products such as dairy. 

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The rise of meatless meat


How healthy is it?


Why do we eat meat? Mostly because we love the taste or for some types of nutrition. For the non-vegetarians, meat, fish, chicken and egg has now become an inseparable part of their diet. But what about the vegetarians or the vegans? Apart from satisfying their taste buds, they too need the nutrition that is present in actual meat. So, to provide them with equal health, meat analogue can be used. To check, if meatless meat is healthier than meat, read:

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Is Vegan Meat Actually Healthy?



Heard of the Meatless Monday Campaign?


Meatless Monday is a campaign that is being run in favour of meat analogues. People across the world are proving their points in support of it and stating it healthier. Meatless Monday is being encouraged by saying no to meats and switching to meat analogues. It also has a motive to contribute to the environment-saving process. Meatless Monday is explained here:

About Meatless Monday


How Meatless Mondays Benefits the Environment

If you loved the concept, and wish to try the Meat analogues, try these meatless meat recipes :

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