High Growth Sectors of India


16th Nov'20
High Growth Sectors of India | OpenGrowth

The Preface

The Industrial sector is made up of manufacturing, mining and quarrying, electricity, water supply, and gas sectors. The Industrial sector accounts for around 27.6% of India's GDP and employs over 17% of the total workforce of the country.

The major industries of the Indian Economy are iron and steel, textile, jute, sugar, cement, paper, petrochemical, automobile, information technology (IT), and banking and insurance.

These sectors help to build our country’s economy and the overall growth of the nation.


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Industrial Growth Rate in India GDP

The industrial sector is among the main industries that give rise to the Indian GDP. The nation ranks fourteenth in the factory output in the world. The industrial sector is made up of manufacturing, mining and quarrying, and electricity, water supply, and gas industries. Read more.


Fastest Growing Sectors in India

India’s Economy is growing each day. Every sector is contributing its part for the betterment of the nation.

India’s drive and enterprise are best reflected in these financial inclusion bridging economic sectors that have been rightly lauded as India’s growth champions. There are few growing sectors that are going at a great pace and making a great contribution to the economy.


High Growth Sectors of India


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Best Sectors for Long-term Investment in India 

If you would like to produce superior profits from stocks for growth in the long term, then make sure that you are investing in the developing sectors. Few businesses in India like utility, mining, etc were great in the past as they were growing at a decent pace at that time. On the flip side, few businesses like engineering, machine learning, renewable energy, electric vehicles, etc are on the verge of rapid expansion. Read more to explore in detail.

100 Fastest Growing Companies

The Organization's third-quarter financial results reported earlier this week were greater compared to analyst expectations and have been headed by an increase in subscription revenue, read more.


Booming Sectors in India 2020

India is rapidly scaling up its infrastructure in order to sustain its growth. India's manufacturing sector is also developing with worldwide companies such as Bharat Forge, Tata Motors, Mahindra.

Other than that, India’s healthcare industry will grow by over £40 billion in the next three years.

High Growth Sectors of India

Here are some links you can go through to know more about the booming Sectors in India, 2020

India’s Growth Champions 2020 ranks nation’s fastest-growing companies

India has made rapid advancement, jumping from 142nd in 2014 to 63rd in 2019 from the World Bank's ease of doing business accounts. Obviously then, India hasn't only hastened its development but achieved so while following the aims of attaining macro-stability, sustainable and inclusive growth. Read more.

The 2020 growth outlook for key sectors 

Indians have been Distressed to Get a Few signs of green shoots going into 2020. A Crisil Research, Performed exclusively for Mint, decodes some Ancient portents in the Brand New year for six sectors that have a salutary impact on economic development. Read more.

Why India is an emerging Sector

India is more, much more, than IT and outsourcing. There are myriad opportunities across sectors. India is rapidly scaling up its infrastructure to be able to sustain its growth. India's manufacturing industry is also developing fast, with world-class companies such as Bharat Forge, Tata Motors, and Mahindra. Read more

5 Fastest-Growing Industries to Start a Business In 2020

In case you've got your eye on the ideal business or not? Starting your own company isn't simple. There are many points to think about, from market need to contest, but it will be worthwhile. To Assist You to push the wheel to the road to victory, we have piled 5 fastest-growing businesses to begin Your Company in 2020. Read more


Brightest Indian Industries in Future

The Industries of the future specifically quantum information science, artificial intelligence, 5G, advanced manufacturing, and biotechnology were all identified as technological domains that have the potential to transform the US, manufacturing, communication, health care, transportation, and beyond.

Marketing in 2025: Today's customers have many touchpoints to make buying choices, attention spans are dwindling, and competition is stiff. Further, segmentation is complex than ever before as the same customer can purchase a product from a high or low-price range. Clearly, amidst these fast-changing client expectations, traditional marketing dictums no longer hold true. This new era has put new demands on marketers, read more.

Why future growth in India will come from a booming manufacturing industry In China and South Korea, manufacturing accounts for 29 percent of the GDP, in Thailand, it's 27%. If it comes to India, on the other hand, the share of manufacturing in GDP has climbed to 16-17percent in the last few decades. Read more.


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