Home Sharing Platforms

Once analyzed as a novel alternative to the traditional hotel room, home-sharing as a theory has very quickly arrived.

Propelled by the pioneering undertakings of Airbnb, the idea has evolved from a slapdash listing of additional bedrooms to a prosperous multibillion-dollar industry, populated by a complicated ecosystem of online travel agencies, property managers and real estate creators, among others

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Home rentals are scattered throughout residential areas, the sites can also be your only source of accommodations if you want to stay in the suburbs, sleep in a quiet neighborhood away from tourist zones or test-drive a retirement location. To know more, Click here 

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Home Sharing Services

Home-sharing services are perhaps the traditional example of a “sharing economy” forum. These assistance provide a platform for matching people who are looking for a place to live for a period of time with other people who have some sort of area available that they are ready to rent. Typically this area is a home, apartment or extra bedroom, but could be anything from a couch in a familiar area to a private island.

In many ways, these services function as an internet-enabled edition of the boarding houses and bed and breakfasts of a before era, albeit on a far grander scale.

Sabbatical Homes is a website  which allows you to Find or offer your home to rent, exchange, sit or share while on vacation.

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5 Home-Sharing Sites You Should Know

Home-sharing sites and services offer an exciting alternative to traditional hotels. In addition to offering a more authentic travel experience in a residential setting, these sites feature competitive pricing and, often, unbelievable deals. To read more, Click here 

Traveling? Here Are Six Home Sharing Sites You Need to Know

Homesharing is a global trend that’s growing. Travelers looking for an alternative to traditional hotels connect with a booking website in order to reserve short-term rentals from a host. To know more, Click here  

The Other Airbnbs: Alternative Home-Sharing Rentals

What Airbnb has popularized — the peer-to-peer rental of apartments, homes and spare bedrooms — the market has embellished with a roster of new and growing services that offer home sharing. To read more, Click here 

10 of the best home-swap and home-sharing websites

There are lots of informal accommodation websites out there. In the article you can see the most comprehensive and most trusted ones. To know them, Click here 

A women-only platform

Dream up a world where women can wander the world and feel safe doing so. It's the latest vacation rental forum, giving 'travel light' a whole new meaning. 

Golightly, Launched in January, All the staff, Connecting property announcers, managers and travellers, all units identify as women, including trans women, though they may travel with attendants of any gender. The vetting procedure for listings contains an actual or a virtual walk-through by Golightly staffers to validate the homes are as described or taken a picture.

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This home-sharing platform for women will change the way you travel

While these sites offer the opportunity for more localized, authentic, and generally cheaper travel experiences, staying in a stranger’s house in a strange city will still raise red flags for many women. To know the answers, Click here 

This Members-only Site Lets Women Rent Vacation Homes From Other Women 

Not only are more women taking solo trips around the world, but more companies are taking note of female travelers by offering curated journeys just for them. To read more, Click here 

House Sharing for Boomer Women Who Would Rather Not Live Alone

Having roommates saves money and provides valuable companionship. To know more, Click here 

New Twists on Home-Sharing: 4 Airbnb Alternatives

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