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Have you seen a 3D Printed Backyard Home yet?


1st Sep'20
Have you seen a 3D Printed Backyard Home yet? | OpenGrowth

We always desire to own the best and latest version of everything available around. Luxurious cars, the best clothing, the most advanced gadgets, and whatnot. Our wants and desires are limitless and can reach twice the level of our actual needs. Owning a luxurious house, built with the best architectural design nowadays has been a priority for every urban citizen.

We prefer having every facility available inside our homes so that we can have a comfortable life. Such comfort can be availed in Smart Homes, Prefab Designed Homes, Movable Homes.


3D Printed Homes

The concept of 3D printing isn’t a particularly new one. The first 3D printers were built in the 1980s, though the technology wasn’t refined to the point of mass consumerism until the last decade or so.

The 3D-printed house industry is still very much in its infancy, though numerous companies are experimenting with new techniques, methods, and hardware to advance the technology rapidly. In essence, 3D-printed houses are made the same way any other 3D-printed object is made: A material (like concrete or plastic) is extruded through a nozzle in three dimensions to print an object. But in the case of homes, the printer needs to be a bit larger and a bit harder, given that it needs to operate outdoors on varied terrain.


3D homes


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3D Printed House Cost

Most of the countries face housing problems due to the increase in the price of land. People are left in situations where they roam around for shelter. In such cases, 3D printed houses come up as the best option to go with. Their cost is nominal as well as they are less land occupying too.


Read the following article to know about the cost of a 3D printed house:

1. Every new innovation comes to the market with a price that tends to go down over time. Click here.

2. The aim is to print houses for less rate so making it easier for a larger proportion of the developing world's population to build their homes. Click here.


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