How About Bootstrapping Your Startup?


26th Nov'20
How About Bootstrapping Your Startup? | OpenGrowth

What is Bootstrapping?

Bootstrapping means pulling yourself up with the help of your own boot’s straps. In the modern era, it is used for referring to that business setup where an entrepreneur builds his business based on his previous savings and resources. Entrepreneurs refer to bootstrapping as the act of starting a business with no outside money — or, at least, very little investment.  Bootstrapping means launching a business without the help of venture capital firms or even significant angel investment. Bootstrapped companies are not the kind that draws media attention from huge funding rounds. This type of practice is contrary to the one where entrepreneurs look out for angel investors. 


Read in detail about bootstrap here:

What Is Bootstrapping?

Bootstrapping is building a company from the ground up with nothing but personal savings, and with luck, the cash coming in from the first sales. It describes the creation of complex software programs in successive and interdependent stages. To know more, Read more.

What is Bootstrapping in Business?

Bootstrapping means getting into or out of a situation using your own resources. A bootstrapped business is a company without outside investment funds. Bootstrapping requires plowing the money earned from customers back into the business and stay there to know the value of the business. In other words, the bootstrapping entrepreneur relies on cash flow to grow their business in the place of outside capital. To know more about bootstrapping, Read more.


Bootstrapping OpenGrowth


How to Bootstrap A Start-up?

Bootstrapping startups are the only choice left for entrepreneurs who are not lucky enough to find an angel investor for their start-up. It is a tough task to find an investor or ask people for office space to start your business. Apart from these cases, some entrepreneurs choose to bootstrap start-up by choice and willingly give up on trying to find any investor. 


To know how more about the ideas of bootstrapping start-ups, read: 

The top 10 tips for surviving the bootstrapping journey

Not all startups have the luxury of getting investors right off the bat–sometimes it takes bootstrapping a business by funding it out. Bootstrapping a business is a lesson in hard work and flexibility, but ultimately it can help accelerate a company’s success. To know, Read more.

Guide on How to Bootstrap Your Startup

Bootstrapping your startup means growing your business with little or no venture capital or outside investment. It means relying on your own savings and revenue to operate and expand. Bootstrapping your startup is hard work. You need to raise enough money to form your company and work on your product in the first place. This often requires freelance or consulting work to pay the bills. To know more, Read more.

Things You Need to Do When Bootstrapping Your Startup

It's not easy rolling all the money back into the business, rather than your pocket. If you are thinking of bootstrapping a new startup, consider these five tips to help you reach your goals, Read more.


Pros and Cons of Bootstrapping Your New Business

Bootstrapping a startup means starting lean and without the help of outside capital. It means continuing to fuel growth internally from cash flow produced by the business. Many sizable businesses started out bootstrapping. Some have just made it happen on their own. Others have eventually taken offers of outside investment.

But before stepping into a new world, one must know about all of its possible outcomes.

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Read below to know about the pros and cons of bootstrapping start-ups:

The Pros and Cons of Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is the most attainable option for first-time entrepreneurs to move forward with their ventures. This often inspires creativity as bootstrapping entrepreneurs don’t have the resources that well-funded ventures do. This forces entrepreneurs to reach their goals by other more creative means, which require little to no money. Bootstrapping a startup can be a very beneficial option for many entrepreneurs if they can execute it successfully. To what are some pros and cons that should be weighed if considering bootstrapping instead of seeking funding immediately, Read more.

The Pros And Cons Of Bootstrapping Startups

Bootstrapping a startup business can be a romanticized idea. It can also work if you’re passionate and willing to put in the hustle. Bootstrapping continues to be an attractive option for startup entrepreneurs. It can bring a lot of benefits. One has to be aware of the increased risks, and what you’ll need to have in place in advance if you change your mind and decide to bring in outside money. To know more, Read more.

Pros and Cons of Bootstrapping Your Business

Bootstrapping a business can be a great choice, especially for aggressive entrepreneurs willing to log the hours and make necessary sacrifices. While a successfully bootstrapped business can make its founders very, very rich, but it’s important to also know the risks. You have no safety net when you bootstrap, and the price of failure might be more than you’re willing to pay. Every company is different, so it’s up to you to decide if bootstrapping your business is worth it. To know the pros and cons of bootstrapping before applying it to your startup, Read more


Companies who started as a bootstrap start-up

Building a strong business with a sound foundation and value takes time and many bootstrapped companies have achieved this by providing amazing products or services. Eventually, they reach the point, through solid strategies and sustainable profit, where the company grows to have a powerful position within their industry.

We have some successful examples in every new and less chosen field of life. With the choice of bootstrapping start-up, numerous companies have achieved a great height of success over years. These set an example and influence the young entrepreneurs to take steps towards these lesser know areas. To run a successful bootstrapped company, an entrepreneur must execute a big idea, focus on profits, develop skills, and become a better business person. 


Below links have a few examples of well known and successful companies who started as a bootstrap start-up:

Companies That Succeeded With Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is a process whereby an entrepreneur starts a self-sustaining business, markets it, and grows the business by using limited resources or money. A bootstrapped company usually grows through three funding stages: 1) beginning stage, 2) customer-funded stage, and 3) credit stage. Many of the successful companies that we see today had their humble beginnings as a bootstrapped enterprises. To know more, Read more.

Companies That Started by Bootstrapping

Funded startups do not stand much better odds, and many business experts recommend bootstrapping startups, especially if you don’t want to deal with a boardroom full of shareholders telling you how to run things. To know about ten highly successful companies that bootstrapped and why bootstrapping was fundamental in setting each company on a remarkable trajectory. To know more, Read more.


We, at OpenGrowth, are continually looking for trending startups in the ecosystem. This was a blog on bootstrapping and the pros and cons of bootstrapping. If you want to know any further information about the startup ecosystem or have any mind-boggling ideas, do refer to the other blogs at OpenGrowth. If you have any suggestions, do let us know in the comment section below. 


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