How AR Glasses Can Tackle Visual Impairment

Pallavi Kumari

29th Aug'22
How AR Glasses Can Tackle Visual Impairment | OpenGrowth


Visual impairment - a glimpse

Visual impairment is a condition where the visual capacity is hampered and cannot be rectified to normal. It can happen due to heredity as there are cases of inherited blindness. Injury and infection in the eyes are also likely to cause impairment. Besides these, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataract and cancer are some of the serious causes of visual impairment. It's always good to prevent such occurrences, however, having to cure them is quite difficult. 

There are traditional glasses available to help with visual impairment however, they might not solve all the problems regarding the problem of vision. The AR (Augmented Reality) glasses can prove to be a great revolution in the field of tackling visual impairment. Although it is still a question that how AR glasses can help the visually impaired, they can combat visual impairment and take the technology in the field to great heights. The advent of AR glasses can pave the way for an efficient medication for visual impairment.

The  Problem With Traditional Glasses

The traditional glasses are to an extent able to solve the problems of the impairment in vision however there are certain limitations. It is very common with traditional glasses that the edges are blurred making the peripheral vision almost zilch. The glasses normally provide visual clarity only in the middle however it is equally important to have good vision at the edges.




The glasses are often thicker which eventually turns out to give blurry vision. It is quite a task to find the right pair of glasses as the problem of blurriness is not new. The problem with glasses in the case of fog and steam is well known to everyone. The pandemic made it even more difficult as it is almost impossible to wear both the glasses and the mask.  

The night glare is also one of the most common problems with traditional glasses. It causes a temporal inability to see. The night glare makes it very difficult to drive after dusk. Besides all these conditions, the weariness of glasses even causes scratches on them if not taken proper care of. The glasses can go loose from the sides after a considerable time which makes them loose to fit properly.


How Do AR Glasses Work?

The new era of AR glasses, very obvious by their name, is based on the technology of “Augmented Reality”. Augmented reality is a concept that elevates the normal vision by adding virtual enhancements. Although it is in its early days, it is adopted by industries of education, entertainment, medicine and communication. 


AR glasses

The AR glasses are for sure a revolution in tackling visual impairment. They come in various types, shapes, and sizes. The working of these glasses is also very simple though it involves complex steps. It can summarize in an easy way how AR glasses can help the visually impaired. Giant firms like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Epson, and many more are working on these glasses.

As a first step, the camera in the glasses captures the image of the view that is in front of the person wearing them. The air glasses have a front-facing camera and clear glass so that the person can have a clear vision of the things that he sees and the camera can capture the things. 

The next step is processing the image captured and anchoring it so that it gets aligned with the view focus of the person. The technical procedure involved is SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). The selection of the proper data that would be aligned with the image captured is a very important step.

The glasses work on the requesting of data further and then they display the needed information on an apt location.


The Benefits of AR Glasses

The Ar glasses are a great step towards catering to the needs of visually impaired people. There are various doubts and questions as to how AR glasses can help the visually impaired, many of which will be answered while going through the benefits of AR glasses.

Although the glasses provide an enhanced view, it is not completely virtual and that is the best part. The glasses are far different from VR. They do not take away the real-time experience instead just add and enhance it. 

The AR glasses are very much in demand in the commercial sectors. The companies are very much keen to bring the use of these amazing glasses into their production processes as it is efficient and gives vision clarity.


 benefits of AR glasses


The gaming process becomes even more interesting and thrilling when played using AR glasses. The quality of view that these glasses provide is unmatchable. In addition to this, you can also enjoy music while being unaffected by the noise around and can also be a part of the outside world.

These glasses have an important use in the medical sector. They can be used while operating and also during serious experiments due to their efficiency and versatile functions.


How AR Glasses Can Help Those With Vision Impairment

The AR glasses can not only help people with partial visions or with mild difficulties in vision but can also be a great help to people dealing with complete blindness. The traditional glasses can only help the ones with a partial vision problem or the ones who have blurry vision however the AR glasses cater to the needs of the blind as well.


vision impairment

The glasses can recognize the people with whom the person is talking, it gives ease to the visually impaired as it can even read a text by scanning it and can also describe scenery or say a scene by looking at it.

Some glasses can read specific texts as ordered by the person wearing them. It helps the person to a great extent and makes life simple. Moreover, it gives the confidence of doing things to people with visual impairment. Even braille displays can also be made available in the coming times.

The glasses have almost all the smart features one can think of as the technology has taken a great leap. Many companies have incorporated AR glasses in their workflow process and these glasses are gaining huge importance in the health sector. 

The Drawbacks of AR Glasses

Although AR glasses have brought a positive effect in the field of optical technology, it is still in a developing phase which makes it quite obvious that the glasses and their use might have certain limitations and drawbacks. 

Augmented reality glasses can prove to be a bit costly as the technology used in them is still not accessible to everyone. They are used in the industrial workflow and health sectors, but with time, the technology can be made accessible eventually.

These can also be quite complex and difficult to understand initially as there are technical aspects involved. It might be time-consuming and might require a bit of expertise to get into a normal routine. It might seem a bit challenging to people who are not very techno-savvy, however, the technology can get simpler with time.

The AR glasses can cause a lack of privacy that might arise given the complex functionalities of the glasses, but they can be moderated.

The Future of AR Glasses

In the coming years telepsychiatry is going to be a boon for us and so is the AR glasses. The amazing technology on which the glasses have been designed is future worthy. There might be a few complications and drawbacks as of now however, it would be sans all the shortcomings shortly.    


The future of AR glasses

The AR can rightly be said to be the window to the future. The future of augmented reality glasses is all shine and glitter. They are already very much in use in the industrial and health sector and very soon they'll be accessible to everyone. 

As of now, they can be a bit costly to people however with advancements shortly, they will be easily accessible to the common man. The future will see the glasses being used as normal glasses and people will eventually get adapted to it.


Summing up

In a nutshell, AR glasses are a new approach to optical technology. They are going to fill the void of proper vision for the visually impaired. It could prove to be a milestone in the future. In the present times, AR glasses may have certain limitations however, in the coming years, this technology is likely to develop by leaps and bounds and give a new definition to optics.

With the increasing advancements in technology in the future, glasses could be more stylish and wearable. They will look like the normal glasses or sunglasses that we wear regularly. The addition of the style quotient will for sure add to the popularity of these glasses and this is going to happen for sure.

All in all, it can be said that AR glasses are a great step toward giving a new option to people who deal with problems related to vision and they can pave the way for a technological revolution that will benefit people with visual impairment. The AR will benefit the visually impaired a lot.


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