How Artificial Intelligence Has Brought A Turnover In Recruitment Process

How Artificial Intelligence Has Brought A Turnover In Recruitment Process | OpenGrowth

AI for recruiting is that the application of artificial intelligence, similar to the training or problem-solving that a computer will do for the operation of recruitment. This new technology is intended to contour or alter some a part of the recruiting advancement, particularly repetitive, high-volume tasks.


Top Use Cases of AI in Recruitment

Candidate Sourcing: At a time once 50% of talent acquisition leaders struggle with attracting qualified candidates, AI will alter sourcing by scraping the net or resume databases to spot best-fit candidates for open positions. 

Candidate Screening: AI can easily screen the best- fit candidates for the profile.


AI in recruitment


Benefits of AI in HR

  1. Automatically screen resumes

AI algorithm can help to screen and shortlist resume with just a click of a button. It can be seamlessly integrated with all external channels and ATS to source resume directly.

  1. Matching algorithm and applicant recommendation

The matching engine in AI maps all the relevant profiles with the job demands - be it skills, education or expertise and recommends the simplest candidate.

  1. Flexible

AI understands the business trends and its self-learning capability customizes the algorithmic rule for every enterprise, giving it a unique capability to 'Think like an experienced recruiter'.

  1. Secure

Large enterprises are very critical about data security. Rest assured, the AI in Hr has been designed keeping a high level of security and compliance expected by such businesses.


How AI can have an effect on HR?

It can play a task in HR strategy, worker management, analysis of company policies and practices, manage payrolls, and more. It can alter the force, investigate company compliance, and judicial proceeding ways. From screening to interview programming, AI can speed up hiring processes.

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