How Augmented Reality Is Different From Virtual Reality?

How Augmented Reality Is Different From Virtual Reality? | OpenGrowth

These days the screen timings of the people have increased. Computers, gadgets, and television have now become an obsession for all. It's like seeing a multitude of information, using social networks, watching films, and more. Two technologies - Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), revolutionized the way we have used the displays and also created fresh and thrilling immersive environments.

On one hand, where virtual reality uses a device to position you in a computer-generated environment, augmented reality transports you into a futuristic environment. It uses either a plain viewfinder or a tablet to take and lay visual pictures of the physical world around you. These new innovations are truly inspiring and interesting to use. 

Which one of the technologies - AR or VR do you think is more interesting to use? Let us find out by understanding the differences between the same.



Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a digital technology used to produce convincing images, sounds, and other stimuli, using headsets for virtual reality that are often combined with actual or multi-simulated spheres to mimic the physical appearance of a user in a virtual or imagined world. An individual who uses VR equipment can look around the artificial environment and walk around with high-quality VR and engage with virtual characteristics and objects.

Also, when you experience virtual reality, users become fully submerged in a computer-generated reality. Virtual reality is known to be one of the most popular technologies. As early adopters of virtual reality, the gaming and entertainment industry now uses VR technologies in many enterprises and markets, including military, building and manufacturing, health care, college, business, and many others.

VR somehow substitutes the whole vision of the future for simulation. Normally, Wearable devices consist of head-mounted glasses with a screen on the eyes which produces the effect. Facebook's Oculus, Samsung's Gear, or Google Cardboard are VR device—that involves searching for the headset and lenses aiming at a virtual display. The virtual screen has a stereoscope vision that the eye adapts to look at a 3D photograph, as to be defined in the simplest of words. 

Hence, an atmosphere that is completely interactive as a user leaves the virtual environment behind to access a truly digital landscape via VR headsets, and this is known as Virtual Reality. 

Some of the applications are - Unimersiv, Matterport, Google Street View, etc.



Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is an explicitly or implicitly live vision of an actual, physical experience where elements are 'enhanced' by real-world sensory information provided by software or processed data, for instance, sound, video, and graphics. 

Pokemon Go is one such example that fits in the best when considering the technology named Augmented Reality. This technology was known to be super interesting and engaging that people were not able to resist playing the game. Augmented reality does not provide a virtual environment like virtual reality but this technology on the other hand does wonders with the physical world around especially with the use of gadgets such as laptops, tablets, and AR lenses, with photographs, text, and other virtual content, that makes the game and the experience one of the best kind.

Moreover, the additional layer of augmented reality awareness provides what we see with our bare eyes through such gadgets as AR glazing, intelligent sunglasses, head-up displays, smartphones, and tablets. Smartphones are the most widely used AR system by far. ARKit from Apple and Google's ARCore are strong platforms that help developers in furthering the market's AR applications.

Thus, an experience where simulated objects are stenciled with smartphones, ipads, headers or AR glasses on the controlled setting is known to be recognized as Augmented Reality.

Some of the applications are - Yelp, Ikea Place, Upskill, etc.

To conclude, the technology for both VR and AR is increasing at a very fast rate. Many observers expect that shortly they will continue to be increasingly successful. 

And when technology progresses, how it applies to both industry and daily life would be fascinating to see!

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't even notice it, so it's part of everyday life.” - Bill Gates


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