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How Can Covid-19 Shape the Future of Transport Industry?

Sunny Samanta

28th Jun'21

The once heavily crowded buses and trains are barely seen much around. Cities and towns have reduced public transportations worldwide to a bare minimum following the Covid-19 protocols. Transportation turned out to be a major accomplice in spreading the novel coronavirus, for instance, the people who travel from Wuhan, China – where the virus originated – to other parts of the world.

Now, with the vaccination taking place everywhere, lockdowns are beginning to lift in places. However, it leaves us with a few critical questions, such as whether the transportation industry can get back to the way it was operating? Or is this a veiled opportunity to reshape the future of the transport industry? If so, then what can be the alternatives? Let's continue tracking these parts below.




Can the Transport Industry be Same Again?

Undeniably, the transport industry has been amongst the worst-hit industries in the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, even under the current situation, it remains pivotal for public transport. People such as the ones with mental health conditions are heavily dependent on public transportation. Not to mention the thousands of workers who rely on public transport to travel to and fro from home to work and vice versa. 

As a result, the transport industry will be under immense pressure to manage the increase of passengers daily. For instance, it has to be well cared for, not causing a dent in the progress that has been achieved in the path to recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. This means with concerns still lingering around the coronavirus and allowing crowds, and, likely, the future of transport will not go back to how it was in the pre-pandemic era. Which leaves us with another important question – What are the alternatives?


Alternate Modes of Transport can Ease Some Pressure of the Transport Industry.

The future of the transport industry will likely depend on two important things. One would be to recover from the losses incurred over the last 15 months, and another would be to ensure that people have access to travel without risking the infection. This goes without saying that while most of the population worldwide will be vaccinated in due time, people will always walk around unvaccinated for legitimate reasons such as autoimmune diseases. So, in the best-case scenario, the transport industry might adapt to various alternate transportation modes in response to increased demand for public transport. 


Alternate Modes of Transport

It is now clear that the future of the transport industry is hinged on how well they adapt to the incoming challenges. There is definitely room for invention, such as incorporating seamless mobility and re-adapting the old transport methods such as walking and cycling. Besides the increasing climate control concerns, the future of the transport industry may be encouraged more towards adapting and building sustainable transport systems. It may include the redesigning of the current mobility services. 


Before we check out some of the possible changes that we may see in the transportation industry, let's be clear about one thing – the transportation industry's future may not be the same, but it still looks brighter.


Future of Transportation


Future of Transport Industry

To people everywhere, transport will ever be more than just traveling. It's a means of connecting people for various purposes to continue with their way of life. So, perhaps the best way to define the situation with the transport industry would be to call it a "temporary roadblock." With everything being discussed related to the future of transportation, let's look at possible outcomes that may shape the future of the transport industry. 


Travel App


Seamless Mobility

Seamless mobility refers to blurring the lines between the public and private modes of transportation. This might be the best solution to avoid the overcrowding and traffic in public places with an ever-growing population. Seamless mobility is generally a digitally powered solution where commuters will be encouraged to use public transportations more. Basically, seamless mobility can allow a person to book their whole journey from door to door with the help of a single app on their smartphones. As a result, seamless mobility will enhance the traveling experience and be cheaper and easily accessible.


Online Ticket


Digital Ticketing

Yes, we already have the option to book our tickets digitally without having to wait hours in a queue. Most notably, the airports and railway stations. However, there are still many places where people have to queue to book or purchase their travel tickets. And because of the pandemic, we will see more places allowing digital ticketing. 

Digital ticketing offers several benefits to both the customers and the transport industries. There will be a shorter queue at places, and people will be spending as little as 70-80 percent of waiting time buying tickets. Also, digital ticketing will allow the collection of customer data. With the help of customer data, the service providers can discover trends and behavioral patterns that include identifications of live disruptions that may occur due to the real-time location data.


Travel Planner


Can Plan Journeys Better

One of the hurdles people may encounter is getting delayed because their bus was delayed or canceled abruptly. But with the latest invention surrounding transportation, people will have a better time planning their day-to-day journey without disruptions. As service providers can constantly remain in touch with the passengers, the passengers will be aware of any situation.


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