How Can Managers Keep Workers Happy and Motivated?

Supriti Tripathy

7th Oct'21
How Can Managers Keep Workers Happy and Motivated? | OpenGrowth


The pandemic took its course, and now as things have started coming back to form, it's time managers think about their workforce. The market is booming, and with the opening vacancies, people are getting many options to secure a job. However, statistics suggest that employees might leave their present employment and look for better opportunities in the growing economy. In short, the post-pandemic times are going to pose challenges for the managers.

Now, the question is about job satisfaction, better prospects, flexibility, exciting projects, and excellent pay. Remote working has given employees ample options to look for and get the job they desire. And so, we have to see what technique managers can employ to hold onto their workers and keep them happy and motivated.


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What Can Managers Do?

Make Employees Feel Comfortable

Managers must assess what suits their employees. Are they happy working from home, or would they like a hybrid model? Remote working, though it saves time on commutation, can be stressful for female employees. In such situations, managers must go out of their way to make them comfortable working out a flexible schedule. How they handle employees during the pandemic shows how much they really care. They can also help with training on maintaining excellent mental health.


Enhance the Manager-Employee Bond

It becomes increasingly challenging to manage employees when you can't see them often. Thankfully, technology provides us with great alternatives through virtual meet-ups. Plan events virtually, engage in a virtual tea party, create a great company culture and show up for birthday greetings. These simple gestures would show your employees how much they mean to you and take you closer to them. The Covid-19 crush gave us a perspective about our employees' importance, so we must stay connected to them.


Remember, Retention is Easier than Training

As we are gaining pace moving to the hot job market, employees who feel underappreciated will certainly consider leaving you. The reason being everyone looks for financial benefits apart from job satisfaction. So, if you are not paying well to your employees, you will have to face the consequences of them moving out for better paychecks. So you must remember that in the long run, employee retention cost is lesser than training new employees. It takes time and effort to instill the company's culture in new members. However, when you pay great to your loyal employees, you keep the star players.


Focus on Adding Value and Pacing Individual Growth

Times have changed as millennials now do not look for jobs only for financial security; they join as they feel driven. People are pretty passionate about their work and always look for creativity within organizations. As a manager, look at how you can add value to guide individuals and give their best. Look at your work standards, become an active listener, observe your competitors and chase better strategies. A growing organization always considers well being of its people. So check in with your employees if they feel good about the employee programs, work culture, incentives, etc. Motivate them to chase their dreams, ensuring a work-life balance, and take feedbacks positively.


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Communicate About Everything That's Going On

It is usual for organizations to have their share of highs and lows. But what's imperative is sharing with employees because they sweat out to realize the vision of these companies. Be open with your employees about what's going on. If there are job cuts, a merger, or even shutting down one franchisee over a loss, do not hide essential facts. Many times employees get laid off without a proper explanation. It shatters them. Explain to them politely why you did what you did, even if you have to show them the exit door. Your employees are part of the organization and deserve to know about vital decisions. Ask them to share ideas in a work meeting and take their inputs from time to time. There is nothing better than two-way open communication.


Do Not Entertain Toxicity

There will always be employees who wish to bad mouth and complain about their organizations. Understand if they really are facing any issue or just being brats. If you find their intentions pointless or even harmful, take the necessary steps to let them go. If you want to resonate with positivity, ensure you have good employees who believe in you. Toxic people not just send bad vibes but also put the morals of other employees down who could have high potential.


Train Your Managers

There is a line of hierarchy in any organization. It puts subordinates and managers close to employees, and managers ensure almost everything concerned with employees. They must check if the employees are meeting targets if they are happy and motivated. Ensure you employ the right resources to train your managers correctly. Because it is they who spend most of their time with the employees and help align organizations' objectives with individual goals. So ensure you show them direction to effective leadership and push them to improve their overall skills in the process.


Appreciate Your Employees

Do not ever undermine the value of appreciation. Your employees safeguard your time and are productive with the resources. Motivated workers are those who not just get constructive feedback but also appreciation. Look for small changes of improvement and acknowledge them. That one good job email or a congratulatory note could mean so much to your employees. 


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Share FeedBack

One of the effective retention strategies is to speak and listen. Speak what you genuinely feel about your employees' work quality. Help them showcase their highest potential at work. But listen to their suggestions too. Act on what bothers them about you or the organization's policies and alter them to suit their needs. This way, you keep your employees happy and motivated.


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Start With Employer Loyalty

People leave companies when they do not get the respect and the value they deserve. When you become loyal to your employees, you can guarantee their retention. In the hot job market, what's crucial is to go back to basics and hold onto workers through their good and bad times. Properly train them but treat them as a part of the organization. This way, managers can keep employees happy and motivated and ensure a healthy transformation of the organization's future.


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