How Can Video Games Support Future Goals?

Sunny Samanta

1st Dec'21
How Can Video Games Support Future Goals? | OpenGrowth

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of video games? Personally, it brings me back to my childhood memories of raising my kids. I was fairly strictMy parents were strictly against spending too much time playing video games. Too much of anythingThey believe it is a gigantic waste of time that can spoil a child's mindset. And the violence in some of the games somewhere makes me think that, perhaps, I was not wholly wrong to ensure my kids didn’t spend too much time engaged in video games.they were not wholly wrong. But that was how my first video game memories stuck out for me. Also, today, however, the beliefs have changed a lot when it comes to video it has started to add immensely to the significance of the work-life balance.

I think it is evident enough that the perception surrounding video games has changed over time. Today, the video game industry is valued at over $100 million. Also, children now have easier access to smartphones, and the internet has played a critical role in its massive success. Furthermore, the elements of video games even get used to educate children. Gamification is the most significant and brightest example of it. However, even though all the success video games have attained over the last few years, it is said that they are far from reaching their potential. Even experts have backed it to become a significant player in creating pathway careers.

But how? How can video games help you with things like career, future career goals, and even setting a different lifestyle etc.? A single-line response would be – through its various benefits that can support plans. So, what are its benefits? Let's take a look at them.


Video Game


Evolves Logical Thinking

In any workplace, logical thinking is always appreciated. After all, it can allow you to process a thing or situation based on facts and come up with a reasonable solution or answer. Also, logical thinking eliminates the feeling-based strategies that effectively can lead to a detrimental outcome. Hence, logical thinking is an excellent skill set that can boost anyone's career significantly.

Video games are spread across all types of genres (including the latest Metaverse), and one of them is critical in helping people develop logical thinking. For example, a puzzle game will need to logically solve a problem by identifying a pattern of some kind. Also, there are some mission-based games where you may have to complete a few mind-bending tasks to clear the level. The whole process of playing such video games can train your mind to overall start thinking logically. Video games help maintain your mental health in a high-stress job by recharging it.


Video Games


Enhances Performance

To succeed in your workplace, you are required to be performance-oriented above everything else. Most organizations will likely hire you over others if you showcase some specific performance-based traits. Those traits are related to volunteering for a task, being cooperative, willingness to put extra effort, and above all adhering to company rules and procedures. And you know the most effective way to rediscover joy at work  and learn about them all is through playing video games.

Video games such as League of Legends are competitive online games. It is a PvP (player versus player) based game where you have to compete with other players to succeed. Such PvP games require extreme levels of map awareness, trained responses, and strategies to score wins. And to help players master such specific traits, video games have a practice mode to help players train themselves up. Over time, depending on the skillset, a player can master all the required traits and rank in the global leaderboard. Now, you can draw parallels between making it to the leaderboard in a competitive video game and achieving career goals. Both require immense training and mastery over certain traits. Video games can effectively help you with the rise and need of social gaming in current scenario.


Increases Networking

If you are an entrepreneur or a part of any business or a startup, you can relate to the importance of networking. For example, you must have seen in movies, read in books, or perhaps have taken place in a business meeting on a golf course or at a conference hall. You interact with a similar person of interest and discuss a business proposition such as a collaboration or any other business relationship. Developing strong business relationships isare crucial for business growth. However, to accomplish such a task, you will create a network where you and other people can interact and discuss the business of interest. Hence, networking is an important skill to have.

Video games are a great platform to learn about networking organically. You interact with other players from across the world and form teams in team-based games. You know several things about building networks that eventually can help in long-term career goals in the process. After all, you can use the lessons and experience learned from video games to connect with peers and elevate your career.


Helps With Teamwork

In the workplace, it is imperative to understand the importance of being a team player. After all, teamwork is critical for the overall growth of any business. When you work as a team, you can effectively divide work amongst the team members and get it done efficiently before time. Also, teamwork guarantees more success than working alone. Furthermore, teamwork can keep the morale high for its team members. More importantly, your work feels valued more when it contributes to something successful.

Video games, again, are great teachers to help you learn about the importance of teamwork. There are several games like Fortnite that require players to work in a team to win battles.

Video games have come a long way since my kids were growing up. While it’s never a good idea to spend too much time engaged with any kind of digital platform, as I’ve outlined here, there are some benefits to video games in moderation.


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