How China is Closing The Digital Divide

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China : Closing The Digital Divide 

In facing the challenges of COVID-19, countries around the world have launched the integration of technology into various elements of people's work and life.

In the domain of education, for example, online learning has expanded at a remarkable pace and scale. People have argued that this risks broadening the digital divide as only those from better-off nations could access the internet and online learning platforms. However, in China, a different trend has emerged.

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China closing the Digital Divide 

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China closing the digital divide


China Closing Digital Divide

The coronavirus outbreak in mainland China brought out the huge digital divide that exists between richer and lower regions. When schools shut and online learning was made mandatory, many students living in remote areas found they didn’t have adequate internet. Understanding Believing education is crucial to poverty alleviation, and thinking as a global vision, a strategy of poverty reduction through intellectual assistance has been deployed to strengthen developmental capacity in rural and remote regions.

In light of the consequence of emerging technologies on education, in recent years the Chinese government has formulated and implemented an array of plans and policies concentrating on education for poverty removal based on technology.

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Digital Divide


China's Role in Bridging Digital Divide

China's unique understanding in dealing with the digital divide is significant to the world, as the country has been victorious in promoting the internet in less-developed areas and can bring that understanding to other countries and economies.

China is unique in the significance that it has several hundred million people in the towns where they master digital technologies, in several cases, pioneering in the world. But there are also many in rural, less developed areas, more than you can think of, who are adopting the most up-to-date technologies to improve their lives.


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