How Does A CRM Increase Sales Growth and Profitability?

Pallavi Kumari

31st Aug'22
How Does A CRM Increase Sales Growth and Profitability? | OpenGrowth

CRM is also known as Customer Relationship Management, mainly known for helping in managing relations, but it can help with other things also. It helps in handling the business processes easily and is a tool for establishing better connectivity between the members of a sales team. It also upgrades customer service and makes things uncomplicated for everyone. 

But if used intelligently, CRM can also help in improving efficiency, turning prospects into customers, and in boosting sales. It has a proven history of uplifting sales, productivity, and forecast accuracy. Using CRM for sales may demand determination and understanding for the betterment of the business.

Here is a guide that clearly explains how to use CRM to Increase sales without any difficulty.


  • Spread information across your Sales team

A lot of unnecessary inconvenience and waste of time can be caused if there is a lack of coordination. But having everyone on the same page can keep everyone updated which reduces the chances of mistakes. Reduction in mistakes makes the business seem professional and well organized. 

CRM can store all the data and relevant information centrally and allow an easy share of the database and progress of sales across the sales team. 


  • Keep an eye on Sales

To maintain relationships and close sales, one needs to continuously track the sales cycle. The use of CRM for monitoring the sales cycle can assist in fixing any type of flaws in the methods which leads to improvement in sales. CRM supervises each and every stage of the sales process which helps in understanding what works best, what does not suit and, what needs to be done.

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  • Understand your customers

CRM allows the sales team to collect an amount of data from research on the behavior of customers. Observing their social media activities, coupled with effective and reliable data entry. This information raises sales by introducing custom offers to clients on the basis of what the company knows about them. 

One can also track down which customer segments are more valuable to them. Clearly, there will be certain groups in the customer base that are willing to spend more on particular products or services, those groups are more precious to the business. By significantly targeting these groups, a company can easily uplift its sales.


  • Reporting

Easy generation of reports can help a business to extract more data out of the collected data, this assists in decision making and implementation of strategies. CRM reduces the effort of manual collection of information by providing dashboards and other automatic features. CRM displays information on demand at the right time, unlike manual reporting. 


  • Alerts

Without CRM software, tracking business processes is tricky. CRM, by providing alerts, notifies the sales team about the events which are about to occur and actions that needed to take. CRM also informs the team if an order has not shipped. 


  • Email Marketing

By providing details and presenting offers or promotions through email, a company can attract customers and convince them to purchase its product or service. Even if the client is not interested, the emails make them think of the company, which uplifts the sales.


  • Mobile Access

CRM apps encourage mobile access, it is a huge benefit that allows the sales team to reach sales standards. Mobile devices clear the way for remote access, which easily suits the work processes without affecting productivity.


  • Task Management

Task management is a crucial step for managing the most vital responsibilities. Efficient management of customer accounts can make directing upsells and cross-sells easier and can generate more business for the company. To effectively maintain the relationship with customers, CRM automatically prioritizes the necessary and immediate actions.


task management


  • Capturing Leads

Capturing leads is a very straightforward and effortless way of boosting sales. CRM track form fills and allows the sales team to monitor the interests of their customers. This provides the company a chance to follow up on these interests with a phone call. A customized version of CRM can notify the sales team when someone visits their website. 


  • Customer Service

CRM is beneficial for both, the customers and the company. This system allows the sales team to deal with customers using the data collected through software. It updates the offered solutions to their problems. Combining a web portal with CRM software makes online order status, service ticket information, and online knowledge base accessible to customers.  


  • Integrating with Accounting Software

To extract more out of CRM, companies often merge CRM software with their existing software. CRM provides their Accounting Software with account history, key contacts, customer communications and, internal account discussions. Integrating this data gives an insight into past trends and helps greatly in precisely managing the future. CRM also reduces search time and increases productivity by providing all accounts and history in one place, this also assists in the expansion of business.


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Customer Relationship Management is mainly known for helping in managing relations, but it can help with other things also. It is a tool for establishing better connectivity between the members of a sales team, this improves coordination and eases the working. It also upgrades customer service and makes things uncomplicated for everyone. Uncomplicated share of data keeps all the members of the sales team up-to-date.

But if used wisely, it has a proven history of uplifting sales, productivity and, forecast accuracy. Using CRM for sales may demand determination and understanding for the betterment of the business. Conducting a working process step-by-step is crucial for the achievement of goals. 


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