How Emotions Work In Marketing And Why They Are Effective?


22nd Nov'21

“Reason leads to conclusions, emotion leads to action” Donald Calne.  

In a day we go through many emotions. We are humans and we are made up of emotions. We dance when happy, cry when sad, burst out when angry, and so on. There are many emotions that can be felt in a day or sometimes in a minute.

Emotion is such a strong force that it has a strong influence on our decision-making and urges people to act accordingly. This is why emotions are considered an effective way of marketing. Emotions in marketing can lead to action that often leads to achieving business goals. 

According to a 2016 Neilson study, “Human emotion, especially when negative, lingers and is haunting. People feel uneasy when their emotions are unaddressed, hence the need to free oneself from it and act on it. Most often than not, this action gives businesses better sales, figures ads with an above-average emotional response from consumers caused a 23% sales increase as opposed to average ads”. 


What is Emotional Marketing? 

Emotional marketing is the use of convincing messages that forms a deep connection with the audience toward achieving goals. Most of the time, the message targets only one emotion. It could be fear, joy, greed, or any other strong emotion that can influence the decision.


Emotions in marketing


Why are Emotions in Marketing so Effective?

Emotions in marketing play the role of a catalyst. They invariably make the audience take an action without even being aware of it. Here are some reasons that make emotions in marketing so effective. 

  • Emotions and memories are linked together. Emotions lead to higher chances for a long-lasting memory. Therefore, the brands become more connective to the audience and in memory.

  • When a brand makes content with emotions of joy and happiness, it makes the audience share the content. Thus the content gets more engagement.

  • Emotional pull is the best way to influence the purchase decision for any specific product of a brand.

  • Emotions in marketing lead to building a loyal audience. That means the consumers will stick to a particular brand for a long time.


How do Emotions in Marketing Work?

Now, it is understood that emotional marketing usually uses a single emotion to connect with the audience. With emotions make sure to work on color psychology it's a new perspective for marketing.  Let us understand deeply the use of specific emotions in marketing.



According to a study of content marketing agency Fractl on viral emotions, “Emotions layered with or related to happiness make up the majority of the list of the top drivers of viral content”.Therefore, a happy emotion makes a brand create a buzz in the market.

For example, In the year 2015, Coca-Cola came up with the “ Choose Happiness” campaign. The brands targeted the desire of the audience to make everyone happy and to share happiness. As a result, the index rate from 8.2% rose directly to 26.7%.



Anger is used in many ways like hunger, pain, thirst, any sexual desire, and many more. It makes us realize that there is something that needs to be done. Anger is not always negative. So it is used by marketers to promote their brand. A study by the University of Wisconsin on emotions stated “Anger can lead to other emotions like aggression, it can also create a  curious form of stubbornness online”.

For example, A Feminine brand “Always” came up with the campaign. The campaign redefined the meaning of  “Like a girl” and turned it into a source of inspiration. The campaign was a big success and had around 4.5 million impressions around the globe. 


Emotions in marketing



Fear is one of the most haunting human emotions. Fear is controlled by the amygdala, an almond-shaped structure in the brain. But in the market, fear is used to raise interest among the audience. The marketers use fear in a very simple way.

For example, let’s talk about Volkswagen’s “Safe Happens” campaign that they started to promote its Jetta R line. The ad showed striking car scenes. The ad depicted that accidents can happen with anyone and at any time by showcasing the advantages of the Jetta R line. 



By offering discounts on the products, the marketers generate a sense of greed by focusing on giving more and paying less strategy. Offers like “Buy one get one free” are most attractive for a purchase of any product. The brands usually create these offers to develop a sense of desire. 

For example,  Brands use

  • Offer for a limited time period.

  • Limited stock.

  • Hurry Up! only 3 days left. 


Emotional Marketing


The Importance of Emotions in the Marketing 

Emotions in marketing are very important if you want people to buy products. The audience is the one who makes a startup convert turn into a  big brand. A brand needs to build trust with the audience. People prefer to use trusted brands instead of the same quality product at a cheaper rate in the market.

Director of US creative work, Google, Abigail Posner says “Understand the emotional appeal and key drivers behind the discovery, viewing, sharing and creation of online video, photography and visual content. In the language of the visual web, when we share a video or an image, we are not just sharing the object but we are sharing in the emotional response it creates.


Tips to Master Emotional  Marketing

If you are in the branding business.  Here are some tips to must follow while strategizing about the brand. But keep in mind not to mess with the emotions of the audience in the wrong way.

  • Understand the needs of the audience.

  • Tell them a story.

  • The creative design must be connecting.

  • Don’t play with the emotions.

  • Make your audience feel safe.



A brand can make a positive or a negative impact on the consumer’s life. After the evolution of influencers marketing, emotions now play a vital role in marketing. Once the trust is developed it is lifelong. Thus, emotions in marketing are necessary, but without harming one’s feelings.


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