How Reading Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur?


24th Sep'22

Have you ever noticed how reading is the one quality that is common among all successful leaders? 

For instance, Warren Buffett spends 80% of his day, Bill Gates on multiple occasions has shared his love for books, he reads at least one book every week. Sudha Murty during an interview once shares that her husband Narayan Murty and she use to budget money specifically for buying books when they had just started working and had little money. Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, and many other successful people run online book clubs sharing what they read with the world.


We can safely conclude that reading produces good leaders. But the question to ask now is how?


How can reading make YOU a better entrepreneur? a better leader?


Books encourage self-education and self-improvement. Entrepreneurs read to learn more about their field or skill, business, marketing, and more. They read books written by experts and value education more than entertainment. When they read a book, they absorb new information, not trying to solve a supernatural murder mystery.


6 Reasons why reading is essential for an entrepreneur 


1. Reading increases your vocabulary, making you more articulate


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Reading familiarizes you with words and syntax you wouldn’t encounter in your daily conversations with other people. This makes reading one of the easiest ways of expanding your vocabulary without putting in the extra effort.


An extensive vocabulary and a good command of a language make you a more efficient and articulate communicator. This is a well-desired quality in leaders and entrepreneurs. Good communication skills differentiate you from the crowd. Especially as an entrepreneur, you need to have excellent communication skills to be an effective leader for your employees, keep your investors happy, understand the customer and express yourself well.


Having a strong vocabulary makes you more articulate. This can be a huge advantage in your professional and personal life. People like listening to those who speak well. When you use big words and use them well, you can leave a lasting impression on people around you.



2. When you read, you understand the world a little better


Reading gives you perspective. It opens your mind to new ideas and new possibilities, encouraging you to think independently. Reading is a great way of learning more about the world. The different subjects of books offer different approaches to seeing the world afresh. This happens because when you read, you get affected by the perspective of the author. 


Hence reading books gives you more information than is promised. In other words, you get to learn about the subject being discussed in the book; you get to learn about the actions and reactions of different people in that context. 


3. Reading is a great way to de-stress


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We live in a world that runs at a faster pace every day. Just keeping up with work and personal life can feel like mammoth tasks. Hence it is not surprising everyone is stressed. A little stress, or eustress, can be helpful, but a lot of stress or distress can hamper your physical and mental health.


As an entrepreneur, you have to face challenges every day; you are responsible for your employees and answerable to your customers. If you get into the traps of distress, it can bring down the morale of your employees. This might reflect decreased employee retention, which will make your brand look untrustworthy in the eyes of consumers and investors.


Hence it is very important to take time out of your day to relax and unwind. Reading is one such activity; utilize books for maximizing life satisfaction in uncertain times. It pulls you into the plot or the subject that you’re reading about. At the same time provides your brain with some stimulating exercise without overstimulating it with blue light as t.v or phone does. When you are relaxed, you make better decisions and are able to cultivate a better working environment for your team.


4. Reading improves your ability to focus


As a generation, we are losing our ability to focus a little every day. Recent studies have shown that the average human attention span in 2022 is 8.25 seconds. It is 4.25 seconds less than it used to be in 2000. This is because of the increasing use of social media, quick commerce, the internet, and smartphones in general. It has become much harder to focus as there are so many distractions available all around us, all the time.


Science is firm on the fact that people who read are able to focus for long periods of time better than their non-reader counterparts. One reason for this is that reading requires your full attention, you can not read a book while also checking your balance sheet, so it forces you to put down everything else and really immerse yourself in the book. This ability to focus then becomes a non-differentiable quality of the person that gives results in other aspects of their life as well. It significantly increases productivity. 


Readers also prove to be better at setting and achieving goals. Good goal-setting skills are essential for becoming a successful entrepreneur. It adds up when readers become successful leaders.



5. Reading exercises your brain and prevents cognitive decline


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Research done over the past few decades shows that if you don’t exercise your brain throughout your life, you will lose your ability to focus, solve problems, and think on your feet, among other things. According to these researches, to prevent cognitive decline, one can do mind puzzles like crossword or sudoku. However, reading has the same effect and additionally gives you lots of insights and knowledge.


People who read regularly remain sharp later in life. It is a good idea to start reading if you don’t. It takes a long time to develop a habit. You will be working to grow your business for a long time, and then after that, you’ll need to be as sharp as a knife.


6. Reading improves your logical and analytical skills


Reading can improve your logical and analytical skills. It was found that active readers are very good at spotting patterns and analyzing cause and effect. These skills are developed as the reader goes through a great amount of information while reading. 


This skill can be very helpful in real life as well, especially if you are an entrepreneur. If you are wondering how reading can make you a better entrepreneur, think about it like this -

The ability to spot patterns in other people’s(customer, employee, investor, etc) behavior is an invaluable skill no matter what your business is. It can help you deal with people more efficiently, understand market trends, and predict customer response, just to name a few examples. 


What makes an effective leader?

Good logical skills also reflect effective decision-making. It is an essential skill to have as an entrepreneur.



I hope I was able to convince you how reading can make you a better entrepreneur if you are not a reader. Suppose you are a reader, then more power to you. Whether you are an active reader or starting out, make sure you value education over entertainment when investing time and money in a book. Happy reading!


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