How Smart UX Design Can Make Your CRM Experience Better

How Smart UX Design Can Make Your CRM Experience Better | OpenGrowth

Companies have different areas to manage in their business, and their customer relationship management CRM experience is inclusive. 

Whether you operate in a small or large business, building a favorable customer relationship is crucial for your business. When you don't have the right customer management strategy, you will lose your customer base to your competitors.

Your CRM system is a critical component of your business. Aside from streamlining the customer relationship management process, it also boosts productivity and facilitates growth. 

Nearly 92% of enterprises state that CRM helps them earn their income goals.

Now, how does your UX design connect to your CRM experience? 

This article will explore how a good UX design can enhance your CRM experience.

To create a user-friendly product that ensures the best user experience, your business UX designers must research and understand target users. 70% of online corporations fail as a result of poor UX. 


What is a UX Research Method


User experience (UX) research methods are the strategies businesses managers use such as tree testing, focus groups, and interviews to understand prospects' and customers' specific needs to help them improve their design process. Conducting UX research reveals your users' needs and provides insight into the best ways to meet them. 

Data from UX research methods provide designers with information on what users look out for in products. It also provides design ideas that improve UX design to suit users. 

Designers need to consider usability while creating their products. Besides helping you gain customers, user research also helps you retain them. 


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What's the best UX research method

The best UX research method suits your research, and you need to specify the particular subject of your research. An excellent UX research method gives you comprehensive information on your research focus. 


Here are some UX research methods designers use.

User Interviews: most UX designers use this research method. It allows them to get users' views on a product's usability and what they expect from a particular product. User interviews help your business UX designers give designers better insight into how users perceive their products. 

Field Studies: field studies are research that is carried out in the user's location instead of an official lab. It's an excellent research method for learning users' pain points and how to tackle them.

Focus Groups: focus groups are for market research or product feedback. It involves studying a group of people, their thoughts, and their opinions about a product. 

Tree Testing: it's a research method that helps you to assess the order of topics in an app or website

Card Sorting: It's a UX research method for understanding the mental status of product users. Card sorting, as the name implies, is done using cards. 

Surveys: surveys are research tools that help you get details of data from groups. Surveys are generally an excellent tool for creating great UX.

Dairy studies: It's a research method for observing users' actions, attitudes, and experiences. It allows you to see how users relate to your product in reality.


How does UX affect CRO?

UX design affects the experience of website visitors. Your business UX designers have to improve users' interaction with their websites. It influences their conversion rate. Just about Twenty-two percent of enterprises are comfortable with their lead conversion rate.

CRO platforms offer your business UX designer tools to increase their product's conversion rate and ensure user satisfaction. Users prefer websites and software that offer the best user experience. For any product to boost its conversion rate optimization (CRO), it has to provide an excellent user experience (UX).


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5 ways UX design can improve your CRM experience


A UX-centered CRM solution will positively impact your business, from lead conversion to cost reduction. CRM tools help to manage customer interactions and provide information that improves customer satisfaction.

Let's see how UX-based CRM can facilitate a better CRM experience.


1. Smart UX designs guarantee your program's adoption

Imagine you create an excellent program with zero users. You don't want to purchase a product that your employees can't utilize; after all, the whole point of a product is usability. 

The primary purpose of a CRM system is to help you connect better with your customers and prospects. Your team may learn to use any CRM you choose for your business, but they will switch to more straightforward options if the system makes it tough to enter and access data. 

For practical usage, your CRM system must be easy to navigate, and your UX design affects the usability of your CRM system. When your CRM has an intelligent design, it makes it easier to use for your team. If your CRM solution is easy to use for your employees, they will effectively manage your customers and turn leads into loyal buyers. 

A CRM system with a complicated UX design defeats the system's purpose. On the contrary, a simple UX design ensures your CRM system is usable for your teams. 


2. A great CRM UX design ensures better conversion

Converting leads can be tricky. As stated earlier, a simple CRM UX design makes the system easy to use. The CRM system gives employees the information they need to convert leads easily. It captures the details your employees need to convince leads and convert them. 

Plus, employees can note the specific times to reach out to leads and monitor their responses to help them figure out the next move to close the deal. 


3. An excellent UX design boosts productivity

CRM tools deal with a lot of information, and a complex tool can complicate the whole process. Compelling employees to use complex tools can create a toxic work environment with poor-performing teams. Save your team the stress of complicated workflows that affect their effectiveness in their job roles and customer management.

When your employees use a UX-centered CRM tool, they'll not struggle to get used to navigating complex procedures and techniques that slow their work. Innovative solutions ensure productivity. To guarantee your team's productivity, utilize a CRM system with an excellent UX design.


4. A good CRM UX design helps you retain more customers

Every business owner understands the concept of customer retention and why it's crucial to a business. It explains why most companies aim to retain their customer base. To guarantee steady cash flow, you need repeat and loyal customers. Converting prospects is fantastic; however, keeping them is healthier for your business. 

A CRM system with a nice UX design offers an easy way to retain customers. It provides:

  • Details on sentiment analysis.

  • Customer support.

  • Consumer behavior monitoring.


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5. Smart UX-focused designs CRM systems reduce costs

Employees require a series of training to work with complex CRM solutions. Using a smartly designed CRM solution eliminates the need for extra training and improves employee performance. It saves time and money on training employees on how to use the system—when you save time, you save money. 

It also saves your employees the stress of learning to use complex tools. Smart tools help employees focus on their jobs, stay motivated, and deliver better customer service. 

Learn more on how time equals money.

Other ways UX design can improve your CRM experience:

  • Improved services to customers 

CRM tools manage customers' information and make it easy to access. It furnishes your employees with all the information they need to meet your customer's demands and ensure customers are happy with your service.

  • Improved sales

A UX-centred CRM allows you to improve your sales methods to guarantee consistent sales. It helps your management establish an effective sales strategy that always works.

  • Automated data summaries

CRM tools allow employees to compile the data of leads and customers. Your team will easily access how they perform in converting leads and managing existing customers at any point. 

  • Effectively section customers 

A well-designed CRM system will allow you to section your customer base. You will identify your loyal customers and potential customers. It provides information on the behavior of your prospects, the chances of converting, and the strategies that work for them.

  • Adequate understanding of customers' needs

CRM provides the information you need to understand your target customers. You will effectively pitch to clients you study and understand. You know their buying habits and their requirements, and you will effortlessly meet them. 


Wrapping it all up for how smart UX design can make your CRM experience better 

Establishing great relationships with customers is valuable to every business. 

After gaining new customers, you need to figure out the best ways to establish a relationship that will keep them loyal to your business. Customer relationship management is the method businesses use to improve their relationships with leads and customers. 

A good UX design will make your CRM easy for your employees, enabling them to manage customers and prospects effectively. 


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