How Technology Is Entering The World Of Nutrition


24th Aug'22
How Technology Is Entering The World Of Nutrition | OpenGrowth


Technology is considered both a boon and a bane. It is very easy to criticize technology for all its negatives. It is not uncommon to live in rosey retrospect and appreciate the eras gone by for their simplicity and lack of technology. 


We often forget all the wonderful ways technology helps us and makes our lives easier and better. The needs of the world are changing based on various factors including but not limited to climate change, etc. Science and technology are the ones finding scalable answers to this problem.


Global hunger, depreciating nutritional value from our foods, and a propensity towards consuming highly processed food are problems that we collectively face as a generation. There are many technological innovations that are trying to solve the various problem of nutrition. You will be amazed to know how technology is entering the world of nutrition. 


Trying to figure out nutrition can be a mammoth task. Trying to get reliable information one has to spend a significant amount of time going through various journals, papers, textbooks, or consulting doctors/ nutritionists, and still, that may not be enough. 


The Latest technology is starting to change this monopoly of information. Technology is making it easier to comprehend the world of nutrition and giving us the tools that can help us make better, more informed choices for ourselves.


Since the pandemic people have started taking their health more seriously. You can easily go on to the internet and find various nutrition specialist rendering their services online. Along with these are various apps and websites that you can use to improve your nutrition. 


Technology in nutrition


Nutrition-related apps and website

There has been a visible surge in the number and variety of nutrition apps. In these apps you can monitor the calories you are consuming. They have a huge database of traditional foods and dishes. You can monitor your diet and these apps will figure out what nutrients you are lacking. If you wish to lose weight these apps can help you journal what you are eating and stick to a healthy calorie deficit and say goodbye to the extra weight!


You can also set reminders, daily or monthly goals, and connect with like minded people in these apps. These apps have not only made nutrition accessible and easy but also fun and community-centric.


There are also apps in which you can scan the ingredient list of a particular packaged food and figure out if the ingredients in it are healthy or not. Although packaged foods are largely bad and laced with harmful chemicals, in today’s day and age it is difficult to completely avoid them. Hence, for emergency situations, it is a good idea to carefully analyze the ingredients you decide to put in your body.


There is always supply when there is demand. As consumers will become more aware and reject unhealthy foods (packaged or otherwise), the food industry will be compelled to produce and distribute healthy food at competitive prices.

How Technology Is Entering The World Of Nutrition


Nutritional gadgets


The world of nutrition is much higher tech than it once was. Today you can easily find gadgets that can scan food items to tell the ingredients, and the nutrition properties and also determine if the food is good for you or not ( i.e the food is healthy and nutritious or not).

These apps use molecular scanners that can tell the number of calories, nutrients, and other qualities of a particular food item.


How technology is entering the world of nutrition today seems no less than a sci-fi dream.


There are platforms that use sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to create meal plans based on the dietary behavior, preference, goals, and nutritional requirements of an individual. So if you don’t want to go to a nutritionist for effective weight loss you can do it on your phone by yourself. As these technologies scale, we shall see the price of such apps and websites significantly reduce. It will be a safe bet if we predict being healthy is soon going to become less expensive than it is currently.


Reliable websites


There are many websites that claim to provide relevant and accurate information about nutrition. Although only a handful of them are actually worth their salt. An easy way to single out reliable nutrition websites is to check for bias. The websites that list the nutritional value of foods and food groups without visible preference for one over another are the most reliable ones. Websites that preach one kind of diet are often negatively biased towards other diets and food groups. 

Another key feature of reliable nutrition websites is that they update their information based on new research and findings and list the sources of information for their claims.

How Technology Is Entering The World Of Nutrition

The future of nutrition

The future of nutrition is bright. With growing public awareness and easier access to scientific information, people are becoming more aware of their food and health. The Covid pandemic has played a significant role in making people more aware and through. 

With developments in science and technology, we get to know more every day and understand our bodies and food better. The various apps, websites, and gadgets have also made figuring out nutrition significantly convenient. As these technologies scale, it will they will become more affordable for all.

I hope this article was of help. Inch by inch, we are getting closer to a sci-fi dystopia and I am not exactly complaining. It is fascinating to know that I can scan the food on my plate and figure out the nutritional value right away. I hope you found it intriguing how technology is entering the world of nutrition.

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