How the Pandemic Influenced DIY Paints?

Supriti Tripathy

9th Sep'21

People who follow the interior designer trends for their homes must know what bomb they cost! From the lighting to the décor and painting, every little detail counts. But the most challenging part is the selection of colors. Isn't it a factor that determines the aesthetic property of the house? Well, in a bid to make the best dwelling place, people spend a lot of money on it! With planning and execution, too, it's a real struggle to beautify every nook and corner of your home. Also, the to and fro trips to the hardware store and get the perfect combination of colors is a big deal.

For some of us, the pandemic turned to be a blessing in disguise. From self painting to exploring hacks for a fantastic smelling closet, we have found ways to indulge in our homes. When most businesses started going remote and work from home became a norm, we spent more time with those walls and corners. It appealed to so many of us to hop onto different online paint retail and make DIY painting cascades to give our homes a new feel and ourselves a challenging, fun project. Well, we have come so far, and the number of people resorting to self painting their homes is incredibly astonishing.


self paint


The Many-Sided Factor

Our homes have recently become our workspaces. They show the background base for our video conferences and make warehouses for our inventories. Families know what other functions they play- from becoming classrooms to playrooms to stage for online competition for kids. Wait, is it your party house too? But what is worth it is that we are spending more time at our homes now than ever before.

DIY Paint has boomed ever since 2020. The reasons mentioned are just one way to look at the craze of giving homes a perfect finish. We have so many online platforms that give us the rarest colors to choose from and give our homes an entire ravishing look. The marvelous job of showing personalized versions to paint categories and displaying moods-based colors is an eye-catcher. What's better than designer-curated colors with ensured quality?


paint style


Inspire from Within

We all want inspiration from within, and our homes are our living spaces. Hence, giving it an artistic feel and making it a comfortable place is natural. It also talks about our creativity. From innovative face masks to agri tech innovation, it is us who can make the best of our talents. Also an excellent way to express the type of person we are is through the colors we choose. For example, we feel someone with warm earthy colors is a friendly person too. People who decide on Delux shades or a culturally inspired theme appear as artistic experimenters. 

Clare and Backdrop are some famous paint suppliers that open up to you a plethora of curated options of colors peel and stick swatches, paints with low chemical composition, and many other options. The best thing about their websites is the innovation around moods to play with, which attracts the customers based on how real it seems. It is also a fun hobby to DIY easy paint jobs, murals, and graffiti at the best place-your canvas.  


clare vs backdrop


Check on the Numbers

The themes portrayed in the websites of these painting brands gives a seamless experience to customers. They quickly spot their favorite and purchase it. Within only a few years of inception, these companies are already making about 500% profit. The direct-to-customer aspect is not just a rewarding measure for these paint brands but also spills convenience to customers. The DIY factor also adds to an overall decrease in customer's spending to get a vibrant feel to their homes.


curated colors


A Look of Dignity, Warmth and Attraction

How great it feels to check out style stealing interiors and color-coded furnishings! As an onlooker and admirer, I love to stalk many influencer's Instagram profiles for clues to set the right tone in my home. It calls me to say that my space shows a part of my nature to the people who do not know me. Isn't that why people custom-make their interiors and choose their décor and not just replicate everything popular. 

Acid yellow chairs, electric blue staircases, eclectic boho customed walls, sea green windows are some of the few styles that open the door of possibilities of how much you can do with colors. What you need to modify is the complementary aspects of it, i.e., your furnishings and other accessories. With this feature, paint is already paving its way to being essential today from the decade-old option.


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A believer of good things and pursuer of diverse avocation, she is a fiction lover and a simple writer. Supriti has a number of professions to her list and she feels challenges are the only answers to failures.


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