How to Address Poor Cloud Computing Behaviors?

Supriti Tripathy

4th Oct'21


Cloud Computing is one of the revolutionary concepts that has provided an easy channel for the IoT(Internet of Things) packages to stay or travel via the Internet. In simple terms, cloud computing refers to storing millions of data intangibly and accessing them anytime from anywhere. This space where we store the data is cloud and is limitless. The data can vary from emails, applications, images to multimedia. Since the advent of cloud computing for over a decade, it has evolved in many ways. But concerning data protection, we must check on concerning poor cloud computing behaviors. But before that, here is a brief of the brilliant benefits of cloud computing services that helps small and big industries in their daily endeavors.


Benefits of Cloud Computing

Ease of Accessibility

The changing times have made work from home a trend. Not just that, the concept of a work-ation has become quite common today where people shun off the 9 to 5 monotonous schedules and work from their vacations. Online communication process and accessing relevant documents securely from the cloud makes us count on it immensely.


Prevent Data Loss

Cloud safely packs and preserves your data from external threats like system breakdown, theft, natural disasters, etc. We all know how magnificent organizations backups are, and the cloud ensures their protection. Cloud encapsulates Artificial Intelligence techniques to safeguard the data packets from getting lost additionally. Hence the role of AI in data storage is phenomenal.


Cost Cutting

The cost-cutting feature is one of the significant benefits of cloud computing, apart from avoiding the hassle of maintenance of heavy storage devices. Firms do not have to invest their capital in hardware. Only maintaining an onsite network is enough. You don't even have to accumulate your losses for any equipment.


security issues


Cloud Computing Behaviors

As we all know, data protection is more critical for any organization, be it in data centers or the cloud. We take careful security measures in our local databases and keep them upgrading. However, it can be pretty difficult to assess the security aspect of data in cloud computing. First of all, data stays with a third party which spurs unreliability. Second of all, the magnitude of increasing data in the cloud questions its integrity too. Hence we must ensure additional security measures in cloud computing in comparison to the traditional storage rooms.

There is already a question of security issues in cloud computing, but the benefits outweigh the concerns, so it is one of the revolutionary solutions of all time. However, with poor cloud computing behaviors, we increase the risk of resorting to cloud computing. So let's understand the security concerns of cloud computing, poor cloud computing behaviors, and the way out.


Risk Analysis Of Cloud Computing

Data Theft or Loss

Data Loss in the cloud may happen during rest, in transit, or anytime after. Hence a backup of sensitive data or disaster recovery is an excellent check to minimize the impact.


Network Attacks

Cloud is an ample space with diverse networks and immense connectivity; hence they are vulnerable to network attacks. In such cases, companies must take extra security measures and encapsulate data with strong passwords. They must also use tools for aiding cyberattacks.


The Fan-Out Effect

Viruses and malware infections are common in any method of data transit. Clouds let you access data from anywhere and deliver the data in no time. It can quickly fan out or spread malware-infected files too. It is essential to put personalized security in place for such unprecedented processes.


Policy Violations

Since a cloud computing service provider is a third party who handles your data most of the time, companies must operate with specific regulations. Standard policies imply getting registered in Hitech for private health records, FERPA for student records, etc. The idea is to acknowledge companies of data storage, who gets the access, and the security measure taken. Companies must adhere to policies and not violate them to stay away from data attacks.


Poor Cloud Computing Behaviors and Addressing Them

Here is a look at some users' poor cloud computing behaviors that put their data at risk in clouds.


Weak Password

Users put easy passwords while saving their records in the cloud. They must assess how dangerous it is to do so as the cloud has different types of users, and someone with a bad intention can take away sensitive data from their files.


Personal Devices

Using personal devices for work at the office or home poses another risk of exposing vital information to the cloud. IT technicians must ensure the suitable software is installed to minimize sharing of any sensitive or private data.


Excess Social Media

With the change in networking mediums, we rely more on social media to connect to people outside. While it's always an excellent means to expand the base or bring more customers, it could be risky to share too much information. Have an idea of how much to put out without directly posing any risk.


addressing risks


Additional Security Measures    

Segregation and Encapsulation

Today, businesses are using mobile technologies to market themselves. It is crucial companies take necessary steps before resorting to cloud computing services. The first process requires them to classify data based on its accessibility. Mostly they can be separated as public, private, and confidential data. They must encapsulate sensitive data, which would require strict authorization. Follow the encryption process at all levels, i.e., before transmitting data to the cloud, during, and after that.


Multifactor Authentication

With the advancement of technology and dependency on the internet, companies must ensure strong authentication using two or three factors. Companies must employ the AI aspects of personalized security features like a face lock or other biometrics, apart from a super-strong password.



As much as we soak in the vastness of cloud computing, the idea remains external. You put in all data at someone else's door for protection. Ensure you have a backup of your high-value or sensitive data. Understand clearly the policies of cloud services and how you can report a breach, prevent data loss, or get compensation. You can also go cloud-free for super sensitive information. The idea is to assess your steps before taking them.


Look Before You Leap

The impact of technology over human lives is colossal. Cloud Computing has come to offer great opportunities for large-scale businesses to invest less in databases and hardware and more in the idea of integration. However, users' poor cloud computing behaviors pose security risks, and they need to check associated factors thoroughly. While this breakthrough is commendable, companies also must strive to make the best use of the cloud by calculating all the risks involved and implementing a proper solution. The future of the cloud is, no doubt, gigantic, but only with risk minimization.


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