How To Amplify Your Social Media Growth In 2021

Jyotshana Rani

2nd Mar'21
How To Amplify Your Social Media Growth In 2021 | OpenGrowth

Covid-19 pandemic shook the root of several sectors, many countries faced an economic crisis as well, but amidst all the negativity, social media marketing has grabbed good attention. Lockdown forced people to stay indoors, resulting in a dramatic increase in time spent on social media and digital platforms. Companies who invested in digital marketing strategy have reaped the benefits of more followers and more sales. Well! If you did not think about it, you still have time to think and invest in it.

Social media platforms are a great place to grow your small business in 2021 because word of mouth and social media is a powerful combination to grow your small business.


Here are some ideas to amplify your social media growth in 2021:


1. Using social commerce

There was a time when people were dependent on offline stores to buy things. Time evolved, and people switched to online shopping, and now they do not even bother to visit online stores. When you scroll your mobile screen on social media like Facebook or Instagram, you see various pages selling attractive items, and you can easily shop when scrolling on. 


According to digital marketing expert Paul James, social commerce is one of the best ideas as the process is fast and easy for the buyer. Seeing the ad, then going to the website, adding to the cart, filling the card information, and finally buying is a lengthy process. In the case of social commerce, you complete the entire process on social media. This increases the chances of someone buying your product. The more steps between seeing a product and completing the purchase, the more chances to lose interest and stop the purchase.


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  • What is social commerce? 

Social commerce is the combination of e-commerce and social media. It allows companies to sell products directly through social media networks. Read more.

  • Benefits of social commerce 

Social media has changed the way of shopping online. People nowadays easily share their opinions and recommend brands to their friends and family on social media. We quickly share things we like with others on social media. This is one of the reasons that social commerce is growing so rapidly. Get to know how social commerce will benefit your business.

  • Social commerce trends 2021

People spending their time on social platforms has rapidly increased due to lockdown. Here are some ways which will help you grow your e-commerce strategy through social media. Click here to know.


2. Use targeted ads

You must have experienced that when you search or buy a particular product, you start getting a variety of recommendations related to the product on social media. This is the result of targeted advertising. It is a type of online advertising which is based on the individual's demographics, buying history, or digital behaviors. 

Targeted ads on social media are a great way of running successful marketing campaigns as the users see relevant ads. Your brands can utilise user-data and target the audience that will bring them more returns. You must place targeted ads on social media based on different demographics, like gender, occupation, and location. For example, you can customize the ads so that a college student will see ads related to college life, a new mother will see baby products, etc.


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  • How targeted advertising works?

You may get surprised when you start seeing the ads of products on social media, which you searched for just now. It may seem to you like magic, but it is not. This is what target ads do. It catches your data, and on the basis of that, you see those ads. Check the working of targeted advertising now.

  • Targeted ads without intimidating your customers

The introduction of the internet has made people more exposed to the world as the web uses cookies to track the users. This has benefitted the marketing companies, but at the same time, sometimes marketers get involved too much and can face a backlash from consumers. This is why it is important to know the way of using targeted ads without facing a backlash. Read more.


3. Video content marketing

Video marketing is the most powerful tool used for promotion, marketing, and passing the message. The impacts videos leave on people are incredible. Consider yourself, for example, you must remember the video which you saw a week ago, but you may have forgotten the ads you saw in newspapers a few days ago. Also, text ads limit your reach as it will be understood by the people who can read and write; there is no such limitation in videos. 

The video leaves an emotional impact on people as it becomes easier to tell about the product and showcase its importance. It is an essential and major part of social media marketing. Short and captivating videos go viral really soon, and it engages a vast audience. 


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Vlogs, Instagram reels, presentations are some ways which brands use for promotion. Apart from those, there are various other ways by which you can use videos to show off your brand and products while letting people know how to use them. Learn about different types of video which can be used for promotion.


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