How to boost your Team’s Productivity?


16th Jul'20
How to boost your Team’s Productivity? | OpenGrowth

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.” This was rightly said by Steve Jobs. A vehicle can not run on one wheel. It needs two or more of it to run and do its job. Similarly, to achieve something big, the boss cannot do it all alone every time. They too need their team members to work along with them, as per their plan. The individual efforts and work won’t matter much, but the teamwork will.

A team works happily and in the right direction only when it gets the best positive environment. This can be easily done by boosting them up.

How can you boost your team’s productivity?


  1. Regular feedbacks: Appreciation or feedback of an individuals work, plays the role of a morale booster. Give recognition to your employee’s work and give them genuine feedback. This will help them work with more interest.
  2. Set a good example: Act as a team member rather than a boss. Delegate works equally and also assign yourself the type of works other members do. This will make them feel equal and work for a team.
  3. Organise training and workshops: Before introducing any new system or method, ensure that your team members are aware of its functioning. If not, then help them with workshops and training programs.
  4. Task rotation: Assign different works to different employees on regular intervals. New works will make their interest level higher to work and will also improve their skills.


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