How to Build a Smart Office from the Ground Up?

Sunny Samanta

24th May'21

When you think of the future offices, what comes to your mind immediately?

Technology? Lots of it, right.


Yes, for sure, the future office will be high on technology, primarily those that help in connectivity. As if you look at the current situations, businesses have already started to focus more on adopting innovations such as the Internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). And soon, these companies will begin implementing the same IoT and AI in other areas of their companies to reduce mechanical downtime, improve energy management, and provide more satisfaction to the employees to increase productivity. A smart office is more going to look like this.


Building a Smart Office


Caution Related to Building a Smart Office

Smart offices are the undeniable truth that many companies will have at their center in the future. Just think as to "who wouldn't want to sit in a room with all those accessible technologies that can make work easier?" I guess nobody. However, all those technologies come with a cost meaning a smart office project can lead to a considerable investment. If you don't handle the assets carefully, there can be a lot of wasted money and mass confusion your company may suffer for its worth. Therefore, people must use savvy to build a smart office.


Things to Consider to Build a Smart Office

While many of us will understand the purpose of a smart office, i.e., to make work easier, however, few things are worth understanding with the possible high cost involved in making it. One of them is that every office is designed as per the need of a company's unique needs. Certain things will be more important in a company that may not have the same level of importance in any other company. Hence, to help build your smart office, here are a few tips that will be most useful in the process.



The purpose of sensors is to provide automatic responses to several stimuli such as a change in motion, temperature, and light. The use of sensors can play an essential role in building a smart office or turning an existing one into a smart office. Just imagine, as soon as you pull up the office's garage, the door will automatically open because of a nearby sensor identifying the license plate yours. Simultaneously, upstairs, the blinds will automatically adjust the sunlight falling inside the room, leading the thermostat to change the room to a suitable temperature. All of this will happen because of the series of interdependent sensors on the pieces of information collected at the office's garage.


Internet of Things

The Internet of things will mainly help the sensors to collect and retain the data transmitted by them. Besides, it will also work as preventative and predictive maintenance as there is a possibility that the identification from the machine can go wrong as per the HVAC system due to a critical failure. IoT can help with the repair and maintenance of such things as well. Also, with the use of IoT, the self-regulating thermostats and blinds can develop patterns and adjust accordingly. In short, in building a smart office, you can consider IoT to be the central nervous system.


Artificial Intelligence

Lately, I've heard these wild thoughts about artificial intelligence (AI) as some robotic takeover on the human species. Now, that is not true at all. The purpose of AI in the smart office is similar to what it has been doing in other spaces, i.e., to enhance the decision-making process over eating out human jobs. So, in a smart office, you can use AI to govern investments by automatically updating the customer relationship management systems. Also, similar to IoT, AI helps a great deal in energy management as the sensor collected data by the IoT gets transferred to the AI, where it delivers to the decision-makers in the form of recommendations. However, with the incorporation of AI, it is essential to install a proper cybersecurity level.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

To many, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) might mean an immersive gaming experience, and that's understandable. However, the mixture of AR and VR has great potential use in an intelligent office setting. Both can bring the remote workers and decentralized office spaces into a more commonplace where together meetings can be held. With VR, you can bring together the people in the meeting room, and with AR, you can alter the room's appearance accordingly.


Floorplan and Office Design

As I mentioned in the beginning, yes, technology will be important in forming a smart office. However, it is not the only component that matters. Office design and floor plans are also evolving and will likely play an essential role in the outlook of a smart office. Unlike the traditional walled cubicle forms, today, the offices are adapting towards more open spaces. They are the size of the conference rooms with available floor plans that allow for great flexibility and multiple uses throughout the day, primarily driven by IoT, mobility, and consumerization of technology.


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