How to Clean Up Your Social Media Footprint Before Your Job Search

Roshni Khatri

11th Feb'22


As a general rule, you should not publish anything on social media as this can affect your digital presence and create an obstacle in your career. When it is time to publish something online, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you feel that any particular post is inappropriate, do not post it. You can use the socially clean tool to scrub your existing profiles. So it is your ethical duty to protect your social sites, Twitter and Facebook.


It is a digital scenario and there are many benefits of social media. On the other hand, it has some negative impacts also. For instance, if you are looking for a job it is your prime duty to clean up your social media posts, as the employers in the current scenario look at every social profile. If you are following the right posts and people and posting the right kind of stuff then the ball is in your court. You can find the appropriate job. Some factors that can help you in cleaning your social media footprint before your job search are described as under:


Analyzing digital platforms

You should follow the people and posts that are relatable to your career. With this, You can analyze your current digital presence and footprints. You must take care about social media footprints. It is because your digital presence shows where you stand and how you react to situations and people. Social media footprint is the collection of all the stuff that is being posted and followed by you. There are some social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and clubhouse that can help you in influencing others. Social media provides information about your personal and professional behavior to employers. Digital footprints include social media profiles, comments, pictures, groups you have joined, the websites you have cracked, apps and the tools of online shopping used by you. Besides this, many social media tools can help you in attaining the most suitable job.


Social Media Footprints


What you can do to analyze your digital image

It is important to analyze the digital image, this can help in assessing your clear virtual identity. You can identify your actual digital presence by following these steps:

  • List all the websites that you visit frequently.
  • Go through other social media platforms to assess how others are using the digital platform and then observe what impact your posts are creating.
  • Search your name such as full name or middle name, married or maiden, etc., on the search engines to assess how your profile appears. Whether it is having any adverse impact or not.

In this way, you will be able to analyze your social media footprints. Here some tools are described that may help you clear your digital media footprints before your job search.


Remove the Denigrator content

By analyzing you can learn about the pros and cons of your social media presence. You have to keep a positive social media footprint that can help you create a positive image. If you find any negative comment or post that can ruin your professional image, you should immediately remove that. If you do not have the option to remove that negative stuff from your social media platforms you can explain it with some positive perspective so that the employers can get a clear and positive insight about it.


Stop using the negative websites

An employer might look forward to checking sites that you frequently visit. Even if the employer and you are not connected through the online medium still the Employer can see the comments and posts that have been shared or seen by you. Therefore you need to use only those sites which are relatable to your professional career. The social media footprint can help you manage your professional image and grab good opportunities.


Focus on your Privacy settings

It is better to keep your private life as private as it can be. You are supposed to keep your account private rather than public. What if your comments, posts and pages liked by you are seen by everyone or by your employer. You may feel strange or awkward sometimes as these are your personal things. You share these things with the people who are close to you. Besides this, you should keep your privacy so that your colleagues, employees and employers cannot see everything you share.


Social Media Footprints


Creating a positive image through social media

Social media footprints speak lots of things about your personality and attitude. It is good that you share positive posts and career-oriented stuff. This can reflect your professional image and can help you grab a big opportunity. you should never create an image that may affect your professionalism. 


Be Active on the Digital Platforms

Becoming active is the most important element that helps get the desired job role or designation. You get the information about the current scenario and the essentials that are required by the employers. With this, you can update your profile too. As the updated profiles are approached faster and you can revert the employer's queries quickly too. Therefore being active is essential, as this can give you many good opportunities in your lap.


With this, employers get information about you through these social media platforms. Your posts reflect your personality and the way you deal with the public. Thus it is important to use social media footprints, professionally. This can groom your personality and increase the chances of getting recruited.  Digital Media is the prominent source of the commercial world, therefore it is important to Know about Digital Transformation for every business and employee. There is a great role of digital platforms in providing and grabbing desired opportunities.


Social Media Footprints


You can join the LinkedIn Platforms or the Slack groups as per your area of interest. If you are very positive and react smartly to any particular situation then this can attract the attention of any employer and this will help you in your career progress. With this, you can use Twitter to show your ideas or thoughts about any events whether it is industrial, commercial, sports or business events.


Tips to Reflect a Powerful and Professional persona

A powerful personality is capable of grabbing the attention of employers. Technology has made it simple and easy to create an impactful digital presence. You can build a strong professional image by focusing on the given steps:

  • While making the Resume use your real name and identity. With this create the profile through LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed or any other professional recruitment platform.
  • Provide consistent information about your professional background on every social media platform. This will help you in creating your brand image and the employers will be pleased to see the same information on every social media platform.
  • You can create a blog or youtube channel about your skills, knowledge and experience. This helps you in highlighting your professionalism and creating content that can show the positive aspects of you.
  • Follow the Groups which are professional and provide career-related information.

Thus these tips may help you in creating social media footprints positively. 



The article shows how a social media footprint can help you in finding more opportunities in different professional fields. Employers would be able to see a clear professional and impressive picture of you. This strategy will help you in establishing yourself in such a competitive era. Social Media footprints have the potential to provide you with an opportunity or lose it. Therefore it is important to focus on cleaning up the social media footprints, before searching for applying for a job role. The article shows some easy and simple steps that can help you in grabbing the desired opportunity in the global world. 


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