How to Create a Great Company Culture?

Sunny Samanta

1st Sep'21
How to Create a Great Company Culture? | OpenGrowth


Whether it is a small business or a giant organization, company culture should be a pride and extremely important. After all, it is what makes a company well sought after besides providing a high-paying job profile. Also, employee retention is crucial for the constant growth of a company. And unless your company has a great company culture, it will more likely see employees joining and leaving way too often.

Google and Twitter are two well-known companies that, besides their product, are also hailed for their motivating. Their company culture makes them more productive, creates more sales, keeps the employee's morale higher, allows them to be more creative, etc. Also, it helps a great deal with team building. Now, with so much said about company culture, what do you think company culture is?


Company Culture


What is a Company Culture?

Like we humans, we are liked or disliked for our personalities; likewise, companies have a personality of their own. It is what is liked or disliked amongst their employees as well as consumers. The personality of a company gets defined by its company culture. Also, similar to us, company culture has various elements such as value, ethics, mission, and goals.


Great Company Culture


How to Create a Great Company Culture?

Great company culture is never dependent on how small or big a company is or how much profit it has made so far? Every company is capable of having a great company culture. However, to create a great company culture does require understanding and effort, which you can read about in the steps below:


Wellness of Employee Matters

Many have had to work through sickness and health to ensure we meet the deadline at our place of work. Despite the struggle, healthwise, many of us keep working because their responsibilities bound them and, therefore, cannot risk their job. Many companies are oblivious of such knowledge about their employees. However, in a company with great culture, you will always notice that they take better care of themselves and don't force them to work even mentally, physically, and emotionally down. Such companies understand that the employee is the company's core, and without their work, the company will cease to exist.


Recruit the Right People

You must know whoever you hire to work in your company directly impacts your business and company culture. Therefore, it becomes critical that you hire people not just based on their skill set and talent but also based on whether they can fit in your company or not. For example, if your company relies on teamwork, hiring someone who likes to work alone and despises teamwork makes no sense. After all, attitude comes before skills and experience, and candidates must enjoy your company culture and values and it is essential for individuals more to hire the right talents for a startup


Work Satisfaction

While you are hiring the right set of people, you must be aware some of those people are also looking to work with the right company. The days of working for paychecks are way beyond us. Today, people have started valuing work satisfaction over how much they get paid. In other words, people today no longer want to work just for the sake of it; they seek meaning in their work. Also, they believe in getting value for their work. To create a great company culture, you must provide purpose and meaning to their employees working for you.


Workplace Relationship

To create a great company, you must ensure that your company fosters strong workplace relationships. Imagine everyone barely interacting with each other. Do you think your company will grow? No. There will be a delay in work, low productivity, low-quality performance, etc. Now consider people interacting daily in your company. It means more discussion, more ideas exchanged, more solutions getting talked about, etc. Also, it means your company is building the trust and belief of people working for you, which is always a sign of a growing company. So, to ensure your company develops a strong workplace relationship, engage them in interactive activities such as team meetings, company outings, happy hours, and even team building activities.


Positive Environment

A positive environment is a reflection of great company culture. Companies with great company culture always ensure that people working at their place should be full of positivity. For example, smile while greeting others, offer help when they don't have to, and be a lot more optimistic during downtime. A positive environment improves engagement and keeps people more satisfied with their work. To build a positive environment in your company, you can add various activities such as allowing employees to wear a casual dress sometimes and keeping motivating activities such as celebrating employee of the week. With this you can even host a successful outdoor event.


Listen More

Employees often feel they have not been heard enough by their managers or senior management. Many don't speak of their grievances, fearing a bad reputation with their seniors. So, they either continue to work in such a dejected manner or end up moving on to another company. If you want to develop a great company culture in your company, then you must not let such things happen in the first place. It would be best if you value your employee more. After all, employee retention is an essential criterion for the success of a company. So, try to listen more to what your employees say than tell them what they have to do. And since some employees still may not want to speak in the open, you can collect miscellaneous feedback or surveys from listening more to them.


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