How to Effectively Tackle Employee Burnout?

Sunny Samanta

29th Oct'21

When the work-related issue starts to affect the employees' mental health, and they cannot do their job efficiently, it is a sign of employee burnout. Employee burnout is nothing new and has remained prevalent for ages. However, for long, leaders had struggled to acknowledge its existence. But the 20th century has proved to be the turning point with both WHO (World Health Organization) and several companies having effectively started to address employee burnout.

As per the latest edition of WHO's ICD-11, employee burnout at their workplace consists of three defining components which are:


  • Employees start to feel more exhausted and energy depleted.

  • Employees create a mental distance from their job out of feelings of cynicism and negativity to the job.

  • Employees experience a lack of professional efficacy.


Based on these three components, it is crucial that leaders and managers effectively tackle employee burnout and keep them mentally refreshed and in a good mental state. Also, leaders must understand that tackling employee burnout is just like any crisis management.




Why Must Organizations Tackle Employee Burnout?

While employee burnout is real, there is a debate if the organization and its leaders are responsible for addressing employees and taking care of them? Now, there are two ways to look at employee burnout.

  • One is letting the employee decide how they want to deal with their burnout. They can seek leave or continue to work as per their choice.

  • Second, to try and identify if an employee is experiencing burnout and try to have a conversation with them and look for a viable solution.


While there is nothing wrong with either of the approaches, the latter one bodes well for the organization and work culture it wants to create. Also, the latter helps to establish a more profound connection with their employees. They feel valued when a leader or manager approaches them to discuss a possible break due to workplace burnout. Furthermore, it can motivate an employee to perform better and be more dedicated to their assigned task. Therefore, it is always advisable for any leader or organization to help their employees effectively deal with their burnout. Here you can learn about different ways to tackle employee burnout effectively.




Ways to Effectively Tackle Employee Burnout

Since employee burnout can cause severe chronic mental illness, it would be best to start taking your employee's mental health more seriously.


Become Serious about Mental Health

It is no longer a shocker when you hear the stories of the adverse effect work had on the employee’s mental health. Furthermore, still, many employees refrain from talking about their mental health, fearing consequences from their employers. Therefore, it is up to the employers to find a way to get the employee to speak about mental health when asked. Since confronting the employee on their mental health isn't an ideal approach, leaders can set up an anonymous emotional rating system to gauge the mental state of their employees. They can even conduct group sessions to talk and discuss mental health-related problems such as anxiety and depression. 


Communicate and Schedule Shifts Timely

It is understood that leaders and managers have a much larger responsibility than worrying about someone's burnout state. But leaders must understand that employees are crucial to getting those responsibilities fulfilled. Therefore, leaders must find a middle road to effectively keep the business running and simultaneously ensure the employees are not stressed with a tremendous amount of work at the last moment. So, effectively communicate and discuss schedule shifts with your employees to ensure they complete their work without much problem.


Take Up Off-Job Obligations

Therefore, most employers are thoroughly professional and do their best to separate their personal and professional lives. Also, none of the leaders or managers is obligated to interact with their employees outside of work. However, the sign of a great leader and manager always puts in the extra effort to take note of their employees' well-being. So, whenever possible, try to interact with the employees and talk outside of work about their goals, interests, and aspirations. 


Keep a Tab on Workplace Culture

The poor workplace is a major contributing factor to mental and emotional health issues involved in employee burnout. As a leader and a world class managers, you must create a workplace culture that is more inclusive and less stressful for your employees.


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