How to Engage Remote Employees?


12th Jan'22
How to Engage Remote Employees? | OpenGrowth

“People today value workplace flexibility and remote work because it allows them to focus their energies on work and life as opposed to commuting.” - Ken Matos

These days, remote work has become the new normal. It has seen a rise, and it will continue to grow for years. Remote work has been proven productive and engaging for employees. Much of the shift to remote work directly impacts the SARS Covid -19 pandemic. Companies are offering more remote working opportunities and even hybrid work conditions. 

According to reports from Zapier Remote Work, 95 percent of workers in the United States prefer working remotely, with 74 percent willing to quit their current job role if remote work was available elsewhere. Moreover, 31 percent want to work remotely, but their company doesn’t allow it.

Another report from the Airtasker survey stated that remote employees work 1.4 more days per month than traditional on-site workers, which leads to three additional weeks of work per year.


How to Engage Remote Employees?

Keeping your employees engaged is not an easy task. You have to ensure whether they are comfortable in the virtual working environment or not. Keep them valued and check on them regularly. In this blog, we will discuss the right ways to engage your employees in the virtual space.


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Stay Connected 

Technology is the saver for keeping you connected with your employees. Use effective communication tools like Zoom, Slack, Asana, and many more to build streamlined communication within the team. It will help the team to be on the same page.

Emails and digital chats are a good way to start but also remember to take advantage of video conferencing. Face-to-face communication is a great way to help your virtual team get office vibes. Schedule staff meetings and incorporate video calls regularly. 

Don’t just share formal announcements; acknowledge your best employees, celebrate the wins, share birthday wishes, and praise the employees' work. Keep your employees happy and involved. 

Even if you have colleagues all over the world, there’s no excuse for not staying connected. Companies are recognizing the benefits of recruiting workers from other nations, but hiring, paying, and managing individuals in countries without a local legal organization can be problematic. Working with an employer of record is the most efficient approach for businesses to tap into a global workforce and onboard international employees remotely, ensuring their pay and benefits are taken care of.


Have Conversations 

Lisa Allocca said, “It is easy to become isolated when working remotely. I reach out to individual team members regularly to solicit opinions on decisions I am making and to just chat about non-work-related things.”

The virtual “watercooler” platform creates a space for your team members to connect. Allow your employees to chat as usual in a typical office environment, so they can share the latest news, talk politics, chat about movies or TV shows, and everything in between.

Host a virtual happy hour every week or once a month, play virtual team-building games and activities. Schedule one-on-one video chats with team members and talk to them.


Ask for Feedbacks 

According to CultureiQ reports, ”86 percent of employees felt senior management listened to them in a strong cultural environment, compared to 70 percent without a great company culture.”

Asking for feedback is key when you want to keep remote employees engaged. It must be involved in the routine of working in the workplace. Ask your employees about everything and anything, like how to meet company goals, how to improve customer satisfaction, training ideas, and many more. It makes the company culture positive and comfortable. 

Feedback is not just about asking; it is also important to give constructive feedback.


Engage remote employees


Give Recognition 

Appreciation is a simple and effective way to motivate and engage your remote employees. Sharing positive feedback, giving recognitions, sharing customer reviews, shout-outs when a project goes well. Recognitions are more than a paycheck. This is the way to show gratitude to the employees. 

Mark Mortensen, an associate professor of organizational behavior, said, “ Being generous with public praise and acknowledgment of remote employees helps make sure their work is recognized and it is a signal to coworkers that they are pulling their weight.”

According to studies, workers are less motivated by money and more motivated by little things like acknowledging their ideas and suggestions, and responsibilities.


Show Transparency 

Transparency is not limited to workflows. These are habits that highly effective leaders want to incorporate into their day-to-day work.  The manager's day usually begins with communicating with employees. This becomes even more important in the event of a crisis, as people are more susceptible to hysteria, speculation, and panic.

It is important to establish open and free channels of communication. It makes it easier to understand the unique challenges your remote workers face during work. 

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Prioritize Health 

Prioritize the health of the employees for more productivity. Lack of physical wellness can impact the employee's work-life and lead to mental health issues. 

To maintain health and well-being, leaders should focus on a few of the below points.

  • Give mindful breaks to the employees

  • Provide your employees with a good working set-up

  • Offer them health incentives

  • Have conversations about mental health

  • Have clear limits on the availability of the employees

  • Have sessions on tips to deal with the remote work stress.



Remote work will be bigger and better in future. Being a leader, you must keep your team engaged and active. Add these tips to your routine work life and make your team happy, healthy, and productive. 


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