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How To Find The Right Location For Your Business


23rd Dec'22
How To Find The Right Location For Your Business | OpenGrowth

An important decision in beginning a business is selecting a site. This cannot be done haphazardly. First things first: the type of business you run will determine the location of your business. Business parks, shopping centers, strip malls, office buildings, and others are all made to specifically satisfy the requirements of different types of businesses. For instance, if you're moving from an online-only business to one with brick-and-mortar locations, your demands would be very different from those of an accountant trying to expand their practice and attract new clients.


Planning and study are required for a business location strategy, as well as a desire to carefully consider all of your possibilities. You may choose the ideal location for your growing business with the help of these useful suggestions.


Why your business’s location is important?


You must carefully assess how your location will benefit your business if you run an outward-facing business, which includes engaging with clients or consumers.


Depending on the kind of business you're running, your location should be warm and elegant. For clients and customers, it should engender a favorable association that makes them highly regard your company.


When thinking about a new business location, there are a few crucial measures to follow. Finding the ideal site involves more than just locating a building that is open for business. Your company will be defined by the process you use to choose your location.


1. Select the category of business location


The following list contains five typical sorts of business sites, but newer, more inventive possibilities, such as co-working spaces, are always emerging. Keep an eye out for places of this kind as well as others that would suit your requirements.


  • Home-based business - If you operate a business from your home but need extra space, you might think about moving to a new house or building an addition to your current one.


  • Retail business- Don't restrict your retail operations to strip malls and businesses in the downtown area. Additionally, free-standing structures, kiosks for special events, and airports all have shop space available.


  • Mobile business - In the past, only circuses and festival vendors were mobile enterprises. The ability to add a mobile food truck site for your restaurant and a new pop-up location for your used book store along the beach is now possible thanks to mobile card readers.


  • Commercial business space- Commercial company space is flexible enough to accommodate future development but is often suitable for companies that don't rely heavily on customer traffic.


  • Industrial location - If your company is in the manufacturing or distribution industry, you will have unique requirements and probably have few options when it comes to building a new location. Industrial sites are necessary for businesses that need vast amounts of storage space, access to main thoroughfares, or the potential to emit pollutants during the manufacturing process.


Local zoning laws in your town will almost always determine where you can put your business. Make sure you can legally operate your business in the place you want before you sign anything.

picture of a store

2. Verify if the business location is within your financial range.


Of course, choosing a location that works with your company's budget will be one of your top objectives. But when it comes to money, you need to look at more than just that. In addition to the purchase price or rent, there are also extra location-specific expenses to take into account. You need to factor in hidden costs for almost every location, including taxes, renovations, utility upgrades, minimum wage laws, and financial incentives. When picking a new business location, even mobile firms must take the cost of licenses and permits for vehicles into account.


You'll be better able to choose wisely for your next business location if you take into account everything said above. Make sure to check with nearby business owners to see if they are satisfied with the site before making any decisions. Even though it's impossible to forecast if a new location will be profitable, you can conduct as much research as you can in advance to make sure it's the greatest option for your expanding business.


3. Think about your brand


When designing your business location strategy and considering possibilities, keep your brand in mind. If you wanted to open a new office supply store, you probably wouldn't want to put it in the center of a posh, boutique shopping area. Similar to how a premium restaurant might not succeed in a college town or rural location when patrons are accustomed to paying less for food.


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4. Consider your sources and vendors


In order to avoid severe delays or recurring problems with inventory levels, you'll need to choose a location that makes it simple for you to communicate with your vendors and suppliers. When weighing your options, determine which location makes it simpler and less expensive for you to obtain the basic materials you require to function.


5. Locate a secure area


It's important to not undervalue running a business in an environment where you feel comfortable and protected. Additionally, think about your company's safety in addition to your own and your employees' safety. This is especially crucial if you usually run your business alone at night or if you have merchandise that is vulnerable to theft and burglary.

picture of a store.


6. Move toward areas of demand


The ideal location for your business is one where there is less competition. Look for markets where your goods or services are in high demand or where there is little to no competition. To make sure your company fits into the local market, you should, if at all possible, move your operations to a site where the other businesses on the block are complementary.


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7. Consider your hiring efforts


Make sure your firm is located in an area where there is easy access to public transit or where potential employees will be drawn if you plan to hire staff and managers. Planning your site around where people want to work will help you attract high-quality staff, which is essential to the success of your organization.


8. Look for sites with parking options


No matter how appealing your business may seem, having enough parking should be a top priority. Does your place of business have a handy parking lot? If not, will your clients be willing to pay to park there? If paid parking is your sole choice, you should also think about whether your company will provide validation. Don't forget about your staff either; they'll require a parking spot as well.


9. Think about taxes


Do your research. Understanding local zoning regulations, mapping out the locations of rival businesses, and maintaining a sharp knowledge of what properties are available are all necessary steps in choosing the ideal business location (or may become available soon). Research your target market as well as any additional advantages or limitations provided by regional or national organizations.


Think about how your potential location will affect your state and local taxes. It could be more profitable, depending on your business and location, to look for a location outside of a specific zone or municipality to receive a tax benefit.


Discover any government incentives. For small enterprises in particular industries, there are both federal and state incentives. You might be eligible for certain incentives that might apply to your business if you pick the correct location.


picture of a store.


10. Competitors


Think about where your rivals are. You don't want to move in next to or across the street from a competitor in business. You can locate a company location that enables you to create your own base by finding out where your competitors are located. In comparison to competing businesses, it can also help you determine the demand for your product or service.


Analyze the adjacent businesses similar to how you would consider the location of your competitors. This is significant since those companies might draw clients that fit your target demographic. Think carefully and rationally while making decisions about your neighbors. To develop a thriving company environment, you want to work with other companies. You shouldn't have to accept business partnerships that are hostile.


11. Structure of a building


Of course, choosing the ideal business site involves more than just the physical location of the building. Look for a location with a structure that you and your staff will like. Think about it from the standpoint of a possible consumer or client. You require a site with a building that is ideal for your company's needs and those of your clients or customers.


12. Foot traffic


For some small businesses, high foot traffic can be the icing on the cake. When looking for the ideal site, if it's in a busy area with plenty of foot traffic, go there multiple times during the day to see how the crowds change throughout the day. Make every effort to determine how the volume of foot traffic in the chosen region of the potential location might help your business.




Considerations for business site range from parking and market attractiveness to pricing and availability. To ensure the success of your company as a whole, it is important to conduct the necessary research before settling on a site. Make careful to consider your location from the perspectives of both employees and potential customers in addition to those of the business owner. Finding the ideal site to start up shop and open your doors for business is ensured by a well-informed business location strategy.


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