How to Get Your Business Rank High on Google Maps?

Beauty Kumari

19th Oct'20
How to Get Your Business Rank High on Google Maps? | OpenGrowth

Google Maps listing

Google Maps listing is a significant marketing tool for your business. It can help you get found out by new customers, stand out above competitors, and generate more jobs all for free. But these benefits are possible if your listing has powerful visibility, and just because your business is listed in an area does not mean Google will automatically rank it for searches in that region.


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Tips to Show up Your Business on Google Maps

1. Add photos to your Google Maps

Google loves it when you upload pictures to your listing. First, because it sounds that you are an effective listing worthy of ranking higher in outcomes. Second, because Google’s photo-recognition technology is progressing and Google is beginning to show images in local search results.

2. Consolidate your Google Maps listings

Google will discredit industries with multiple phone numbers or areas listed for one actual business. Weed out duplicate listings and superfluous information to assure your one true listing will rate.

3. Get Google reviews

Knowing that Google loves what consumers love, it should be no shock that Google Maps gives rating favor to business listings with positive favor.

4. Post regularly to your Google Maps business listing

Like Facebook, you can circulate posts that seem right on your Google Maps business listing. Regularly posting like this delivers signals to Google that you proactively manage your listing, which it deems when ranking.


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