How to Grow Sales and Profits During Christmas & New Year Holidays?


21st Dec'21
How to Grow Sales and Profits During Christmas & New Year Holidays? | OpenGrowth

Cheers, it’s a Holiday Season!

Holidays are finally here, which means getting in the Christmas spirit. And what is better than increasing your sales in the festive season. Christmas and New year holidays are the best time for retailers to increase their sales. Although, the success or failure of the sales depends on the marketing strategies and promotions.

The holiday season also happens to be the best time to start your marketing campaign. Wanna know how? We are here to tell you how to grow sales and profits during, Christmas and New year holidays.


Create Goals  

Goals are what keep us growing and learning. Without a clear goal, the brand won’t see any improvement, be it the festive season or routine time. It is important to create SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. Your goal should be to increase sales through the SMART goals comparatively last year.

On creating goals  Nelson Jordan, Co-founder of Agency Match, said, “Your marketing campaign MUST create cut-through with your target audience. Every retailer will be looking to use Christmas as an opportunity to reach potential customers. As a result, your customer's attention is pulled in so many different directions, and they need something surprising or remarkable to get them to take action."




Change your website’s look 

Give your website a  beautiful Christmas look. The updated website gives the company a modern and active image. Keeping track of the different seasons is a great way to show that you're active. So giving your website a Christmas look is a good idea to show you're up to date and balanced. 


Give Discounts 

There is no need to explain that discounts and reductions have a powerful effect on consumers’ buying decisions. The discounts create an additional justification to purchase the product at the instant. 

During the holiday season, buyers always look for maximum discounts to save money. Creating offers, holiday discounts are great to motivate immediate purchase and increase sales. Another thing you can do is, setting some limited offers. For example, “ Sale till Christmas,” "Only two left,"  "limited stock," and many more according to your creativity and goal. 


Choose correct words

Words have the power to rule the world. Therefore, never underestimate the power of words. The right words at the right time can lead the consumers into buying the product. The content keywords on your website are of utmost importance to search engines like  Google. The more relevant the keywords, the more the reach of your website.

Ask your content team to write relevant keywords according to the Social Engine Optimization,( SEO) The terms that lead to an increase in sales are “ Best Prices”, "Exclusive Discounts'', "Buy Now,” and many more.

Also, make sure not to "fill" the page with words that Google thinks are appropriate without considering the logic of the content, as this can backfire and affect your position in the results.

Customize Packaging 

Packaging is the soul of the brands. It is the only thing that reaches 100 percent of the consumers. Unboxing, the product must be a memorable experience for every customer. Unique Christmas packaging for the products will add a touch of luxury to it.




Email Marketing 

In this digital era, Email marketing is considered a crucial element for any e-commerce brand. However, for the holiday season, consider using email marketing to target your email list with existing promotional campaigns. Marketing can help your sales team.

For example, send an email to your list featuring your new interactive digital catalog. Send an email for your flash sale and forward all traffic to your Instagram or Facebook account by sharing a discount code there. Remember that every image you use in your Christmas email marketing must show that you are right in the Christmas spirit!


Work with a Charity 

Emotions play a vital role in marketing. And this is the best time to grow the sales, pouring some emotions into the consumer’s mind. During this time, many brands partner with charity organizations. This is a great way to spread brand awareness.

For example, AppleGreen fuel partnered with three charities and helped to spread the message of what those charities do for humankind.

Keep a Stock 

Every brand has a unique and best-sellers product.  Therefore, make sure to have a stock of your best-selling product. Everything you planned for the marketing will come to a halt. And explaining to the customers that you don’t have the product they want to purchase will ruin your reputation in the market. 

On keeping the stock, Matt Warren, CEO, and Founder of Veeqo stated, “Having a livestock figure clearly shown for each product can be a massive benefit. It's a great way to be transparent and help give customers more information. But it also creates great urgency and can nudge browsers into making that purchase decision now - especially if they think that stock may run out in the run-up to Christmas."


Profit during Christmas



So there you have a few ways of Christmas marketing ideas that you can implement to grow your sales. Make sure to keep your content relevant, a  perfect sales strategy, and schedule for promotions. This will save you from a last-minute rush. Grow your sales and enjoy the season!


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