How to Grow Your Startup Quickly?

Sunny Samanta

14th Nov'21

Every entrepreneur dreams of reaching a point where their startup can effectively scale and grow quickly. Also, each one of them understands that it's easier said than done. Understandably, it is nearly impossible to strap a rocket to your startup and expect it to reach potential heights. However, here you can learn about growth hacking to put your startup in a position to grow quickly. The growth hack is about how to hire the right talent to form your startup team. More specifically, the right talent represents the first eight talents you must hire. These people can effectively enhance your startup functionality without affecting the overall quality of your product and services.

So, who are these eight people that you must hire first? Let's take a look at them one by one.




1. Project Manager

To keep your startup working to the best of its ability, you will need someone to oversee things constantly. The project manager is that person. The project manager can help in maintaining the company pipeline needed for growth stays full. It further can ensure the company remains on its timeline and everything is running smoothly. However, while hiring a project manager, it is important to see whether the person is a great communicator or not. Since project managers often have to interact with the other employees and company shareholders for various purposes, from scheduling meetings to fixing a problem.


2. Campaign Strategist

A campaign strategist is a position where the person in charge is expected to understand and develop marketing campaigns. These marketing campaigns are planned to create a big impact on the company's brand and value. Furthermore, the growth of a business is dependent on its market visibility. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial to have a campaign strategist in any early-stage startups. Moreover, a campaign strategist carries a knack for identifying the right places where you must invest.


3. Marketing Representative

Marketing representatives are the "meat and potatoes" of any business. They are ones to implement strategies developed by the campaign strategist. Also, they constantly measure the key metrics that are affecting or influencing the growth of the startup. Based on it, these employees can even help in building marketing campaigns.

When it comes to hiring marketing representatives, you must consider hiring an experienced talent in the field. An experienced marketing representative already has a rep in the market that your startup can benefit from. Besides, they are well informed and aware of what needs to be done to optimize an ongoing campaign or create a new one.




4. Social Media Manager

It is no surprise the impact social media has on our daily life. We can describe social media as a complex platform with various channels where different things work in different manners. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the leading social media outlets with an ever-growing base of billions. If your startup is seeking some quick growth, then it must know to channel the power of these social media outlets. And the best person who can help your company with it is a social media manager.

Social media managers are expert, level-headed, and responsible individuals. They understand the power of social media. More importantly, they are creative enough to think outside the box and develop social media promotions to create brand and product awareness. Also, they are responsible for monitoring and controlling the online conversation surrounding the brand.


5. Content Strategist

A content strategist is another important position for you must attract and hire the right talent. Content strategist works closely with the campaign strategist and social media manager to help develop your inbound marketing strategy. Based on it, their job is to develop exceptional content to further push your marketing strategy's impact across social media and other places such as your newsletter and the company's website.


6. Analyst

Startups must invest a lot of their resources and human resources in marketing to create awareness and build their brand. And every entrepreneur can understand how vital every single resource can be for early-stage startups. Therefore, it is important to keep data on how the marketing campaigns are constantly working. Furthermore, the collected data must be examined, where an analyst becomes essential for any startup or business. An analyst can properly segment all the available data and demographics. Also, analysts help with the process of continuous testing and optimization to provide growth to your startup.


7. Web Designer

Social media presence is critical for any business today. Therefore, almost every company, big and small, has its own website and a social media team. However, to build and maintain a quality website, companies need web designers. Also, web designers help with implementing the best practices discovered by the analyst. Web designers are also critical in keeping your website updated with the latest features and templates.


8. Copywriter

Copywriters are often the most under-appreciated and overlooked position in many organizations. From owners to managers, many think it is redundant to have copywriters. Copywriters are equally important to the campaign strategist, web designer, and hiring positions mentioned earlier in this list. A great landing page, an excellent written sales-driven copy for the emails, and a professional call to action, etc., can all have a great impact on your business. A great copywriter can critically help create a sales funnel and get the attention of your target audience. Furthermore, copywriters can compel people to act with their copywriting skills alone. Therefore, copywriters mustn't be ignored or seen as inconsequential unless you don't wish for some quick growth.


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