How to Handle Employees During The Pandemic?

Neda Ali (Editor)

19th Apr'21

How to handle employees during this tough time?

Practically, it's not easy to stay motivated and think positively in tough times. The same happens when an organization where you have put in all your efforts, starts to collapse or move towards downfall. The global pandemic has left the entire world in an unwelcome situation. Organizations with their feet set in the market, a big working team have experienced a major economic failure and thus faced a moral downfall.

Preventive actions for Covid-19 include avoiding social gatherings and maintaining social distance, and thus complete or partial lockdown of the nation, therefore worldwide companies have triggered the alarm bell in the corporate world. Due to such preventive actions, offices cannot run smoothly as they were running before, thus the majority of the companies are opting for Work from Home ('WFH') as a better option to not completely shut down the economic flow.


Handle Employees During The Pandemic


Tips to motivate your employees

70 percent of the office goers are regularly working from the home. Even though some companies are looking for WFH as a permanent option for their employees, for instance, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has recently announced that 75 percent of the total workforce will work from home permanently by 2025.

However, there are some drawbacks of the WFH for employees and employers. Being isolated in the home, and doing work simultaneously is challenging for employees, hence, the companies are trying to get hold of the balance between keeping employees motivated and maintaining a healthy office environment that can improve work productivity.

Motivation is the key to enthusiasm.

Tips to motivate your employees

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How do I keep my team motivated during the lockdown?

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Team Collaboration In The Virtual World

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Team Building during the pandemic

Team building activities are a vital aspect of any organization. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many corporations to ask their staff to work from home or remote locations, virtual team-building activities have become more important than ever to break the monotony and negativity looming over lives. What’s more, they also fill your staff with some much-needed energy and enthusiasm while they work from home.

Virtual team-building activities also improve bonding, engagement, and communication within remote team members. And they are a great way to boost the performance of your team. So let us check out eight unique team-building activities that are easy to implement, engaging, and fun for your remote team members.

Team Building during the pandemic

Below are some of the activities about team building:

Best virtual team-building activities

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Team-building activities during the lockdown

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Virtual team building for remote teams

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