How To Have a Productive Meeting?

Isha Panwar

1st Dec'20

Sometimes a few minutes spent with people separately is more effective and productive than an hour-long meeting with them all together.

Certainly, many meetings waste an enormous deal of everyone’s time and seem to be held for ancient rather than practical reasons. It would perhaps save no end of administrative time if every committee had to talk with its own dissolution once a year. There is a requirement of planning meetings to have a productive outcome.


Productive Meeting


Productive Meetings Online

In this time of social distancing and remote work, it’s hard to experiencethe buzz of squad activity. It is challenging to collect immediate and easy feedback, we generally get in a live meeting.

While online meeting platforms make it effortless to schedule calls, send invitations, and incorporate visual assistance to presentations. It is all too easy to participate in a remote meeting in person yet be detached from the conversation. So it’s really important to engage the employees, and make them active to have a productive outcome. To encourage the employees with simple and subtle engagement tactics.


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The Secret To Productive Meetings

On the one hand, meetings are an ample opportunity to grab a team together to solve problems and develop ideas in an interactive manner. On the other hand, several meetings tend to veer off topic rapidly and fail to achieve their intended objectives. The meetings do not have to be bland and unproductive. It has to be engaging and entertaining enough to connect with all employees. 


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