How to Host a Successful Outdoor Event?

Sunny Samanta

10th Feb'21
How to Host a Successful Outdoor Event? | OpenGrowth

In times when both kids and adults are mostly found glued to their smartphones, the outdoor event has become a hit. It works as a great escape for the people who are constantly searching for a break from the humdrum of their lives. In fact, hosting outdoor events has now become one of the most sought after career choice. But, while the idea of selecting hosting of outdoor events as a career is enticing, the path to it unfortunately is filled with quite many thorns.

So, how do you host an outdoor event? Or putting it across in a more appropriate manner – How do you host a successful outdoor event? If you have read so far then luckily you are at the right place because, in this article, I will be sharing 10 important tips to hosting outdoor events successfully.


1. Plan Your Event


This is the 101 of hosting an outdoor event. Decide the event you want to host, select your location, and never underestimate the weather conditions. 


2. Get Permits


This is the major reason for the failure of a lot of outdoor events. Illegitimate events can not ruin your show but can also get you into legal problems with the authorities there. So, after you have planned your event, immediately work on finalizing the permits.


3. Respect the Ordinances


Every town has some ordinances. For example, the prohibition of loud noise after a certain time. Then there are also fire and safety protocols to follow where the latter directly limits the number of tickets to be sold. Hence, learn about those ordinances and have a beforehand discussion with the police, fire department, and other responsible authorities before finalizing your event.


Successful Outdoor Event


4. Cover All the Hosting Ground


When I say this, I mean to have the proper arrangement of the electric power, security, sanitization, food stalls, and other elements of the outdoor event. For example, your DJ might require additional power to make his equipment work right. If your event is going to last over 2-3 hours then people will need to eat and use the toilet. So, be prepared for all of it according to otherwise, It will be heart breaking to see your outdoor event get ruined by lack of any of this.


5. Logistics and Layouts


While deciding on the venue make sure that you have your logistics and layout ready. So, take photos of the location and plan with that. See, it has enough parking space available or if it is suited for the kind of event you are planning to host and so on. Doing this can save you from a lot of last minute headache and head scratching moments.


6. Health Precautions


There is always the chance of unfortunate things to take place in an outdoor event. For example, kids getting injured. So, try to always have first aid kits available at the venue and the contact number of the nearby medical facility on your speed dial.


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7. Communication


Communication in an outdoor event is as much important as taking health precautions. Thefts, loss, or misplacement of personal belongings such as wallets, mobile phones, etc is a common occurrence in outdoor events. So, ensure people have a way to reach out or report to you about any such incidents so that you can help them with or without the assistance of police authorities.


8. Pest Control


Since, you will be having a decent number of people, food stalls, etc in your outdoor event. It is more than likely that you will start seeing a flock of flies and other insects storming your event and this could be a real turn off for a lot of your guests. So, make sure that you have done the pest control of the venue properly.


9. Take Care of the Guest


The greatest way to win over your customer’s goodwill is to show them that you care about them. So, always ensure that there is someone available for your guest's needs. And help them as much as you can.


10. Clean up


It is not so uncommon to find an outdoor event leaving with a messed up location behind. Many people after the event had been concluded, wrap up the belonging and other important things they value before they exit the venue. But only a handful of outdoor event organizations come with the plan and intention of leaving the venue properly cleaned up. This can be seen as the trademark of the responsible outdoor event organizer and can help your company or brand big time in the future. So, take care of the cleaning part as well.


These are the 10 important tips that can help you in hosting a successful outdoor event.


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