How To Identify A Smart Person In 3 Minutes

Techniques to Identify Smart One

To know who is smartest in your organization, just ask one simple question! If he/she gets through that, pose a difficult question. If any person suffices this, then you have one of the most intelligent people on your team. 

Let's say you’re on a video call with your marketing team. You require ideas on how to expend the last unallocated $5,000 of your campaign budget. There are a lot of several paths you can go, so whose ideas do you believe?


Selection of Smart one


Opening with a simple, straightforward question is a fast way to disclose who’s eager, maybe too eager, to verify themselves. For example, you could say, “Remind me again, what does CTR stand for?” (CTR implies click-through rate, the percentage of people who click on an element after viewing it. Most people in marketing know the terminology.) And then sit back and listen. Who’s blurting out the answer? 

Overeager responders are often so desperate for brownie points that they forget to assess whether their contribution is even all that important and skip the fact-checking and analysis to go straight for the win. There’s another reason why smart folks might stammer to answer obvious questions: They doubt it’s a trap. 

If you’re on the other side of this equation, leading that Zoom call, that’s what you should be doing. With the noise opened away, you can now drop the actual, more complex, probably more creative question: How should we spend our remaining marketing budget? 

The procedure of getting rid of the smarter people in the room won’t be as cut and dry. You might have to encourage folks by calling them out by name. They realize that there’s never just one end-all, be-all answer, and they have no shame in calling on others to enhance their thinking. Eventually, however, they will recommend an idea.


3 Min technique selection of smart one


Smart people know that listening is more valuable than speaking and that neither beats believing in yourself. They try to prevent repeating the obvious to spend their time and power on what requires estimation and creativity.

Being too interested opens us to errors and careless errors. Reserve and structured believing won’t always stand out, but they’re always worth commending. 


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