How to Identify Corporate OOP(Overconfident Oblivious person)

Supriti Tripathy

27th May'21

Knowing the true aspects of management and acting with resilience is a trait very few leaders possess in today’s corporate world. Many choose to ignore what they see. It is however very vital to know your people and their types to lead them to their goals subsequently making your company a success.

We know some categories of employees starting from the workaholic to defensive to laid-back. Let us look at another category that must be known to and understood very early to avoid any bigger issue later. This category falls under the infamous OOP i.e. Overconfident Oblivious Person.

An OOP is someone who seems very rational and calm in their approach to things and people, however, they lack the competitive skills essential for the growth of your business. They appear most concerned about a lot of things and pretend to make better suggestions, completely ignorant of their normal responsibilities. Let us look at ways to analyze if your workforce has an Overconfident Oblivious person. 




Recognize an Overconfident Oblivious Person


Some behaviors are common to this category of people. If you notice these too in your staff, identify them and deal with them.


  • They seek Attention

They make sure that you see them care about your company and the proceedings of it. Many times, you will also get suggestions on strategies to make a project successful. Don’t fall prey to it as they try to seek your attention by talking about what you like to hear but they fail in performing standards.


  • A lot of e-mails

You will find your email/chatbox flooded with their messages. They try to prove that they are very competitive by sending emails on subjects of importance. Most of the email titles read;


How to save money for your company?

How to stay in fashion always?

Ways to be successful in your job

How does the market look in the future?


They make you believe that they are interested in the company’s affairs and are committed to their work. In reality, they are only good at talking and do not work well in a competitive environment.


  • No verification

They never verify the source even though the topics they choose to talk or message about seem trendy. They share information with a group of people without knowing if that piece of information is authenticated. 


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  • They boast about themselves

You will often find them telling you what they know and how well they know. They are always giving examples of their best work and how they have always been helpful to many people. You never get to experience it though.


  • They have a fan base

An OOP is a very talented individual who knows the right way to influence people. They are often weaponized with lovely vocabulary to make the masses feel things through their writings or talks. If your employee has a good following, it could be a sign.


  • Less logic, more absurd

It is rare to be able to connect to the pieces scattered by this category. They mostly seek to draw your attention to their thoughts but you cannot rationalize how they think. It is a difficult thing to handle them too.


  • Shows up late

Even if they lecture a lot about the benefits of discipline and punctuality, they will be the latecomers to any organized event e.g a meeting. They also make you believe that they were caught up with some last-minute important work.


  • Lack of performance

It is an observed phenomenon that performers don’t seek validation nor do they come up with an excuse if they could not complete a task on time. They are resilient. This is the opposite of what an Overconfident Oblivious person would do. Neither are they resilient nor would they stop giving excuses now and then since they lack in their performances.



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How to deal with an Overconfident Oblivious person


  • Identify them

The first step is to identify them. Assess their traits and observe them for a considerable time. You can analyze better following the above pointers.


  • Understand them

A good leader has empathy for all kinds of individuals in his team. It is his strength how he understands each and leads them all in a team. Know that an OOP is a messy thinker; however, he is as valuable as the other employees. They are hard workers and need to be pushed to develop a competitive spirit within them.


  • Uplift

People always open up when we show that we care about them without judging them. If you uplift your employees, you will realize your task of enabling competitiveness in them gets easier.


  • Consistency

Enable this category to be consistent with their efforts and perform better. That will move towards the direction of competitive spirit. Make an informal approach to them so that they are more open to you.


  • Rewards and Recognitions

To drive them and instill in them a competitive spirit, reward them for anything commendable they do. That will inspire them and make them feel belong.


  • Analyze what’s best

Look for out-of-the-box ideas to expand the perspectives of your employees and genuinely lead them to their success. You will have a team of achievers and your company would be in the lead in no time.



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Competition is what drives today’s businesses and companies to achieve what others can only dream of. They give visions and goals. All the significant achievements by so and so companies are only the result of healthy competition. It is important to carry the interests of everyone dependent on the company- from employees to customers to third parties. We must always look for opportunities to be the best version of ourselves. 


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A believer of good things and pursuer of diverse avocation, she is a fiction lover and a simple writer. Supriti has a number of professions to her list and she feels challenges are the only answers to failures.


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