How To Maintain Employee Motivation When Remote Working?

Supriti Tripathy

29th Oct'21
How To Maintain Employee Motivation When Remote Working? | OpenGrowth

Transformation to remote working was inevitable. And gladly, it was a smooth process, thanks to technology advancements and workers' adaptation to the entire shift. However, in this year-long expedition, leaders had to make a lot of policy enhancements to encourage employees to work better. Today, we understand the benefits of working from home during Covid-19. However, for a company's continued success, employee motivation and engagement are essential. And with all honesty, employees are juggling many responsibilities and experience disruptions in a remote environment. In such a situation, companies need to go beyond their ways to innovate and drive employees to generate the same interest as in offices.

Some companies, however, haven't stayed behind in trying out ways to engage their employees. Along with sending the work kit that resembled the cubicle setup of the office to create a safe hybrid structure, they are bringing every possibility as a solution. However, some companies are still struggling to analyze ways to maintain employee motivation when working remotely. Below are some tips to help managers inspire employees to become their best versions even while working remotely.


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Tips To Motivate Employees In A Remote Setup

Give Time

Companies must assess the real-time issues that creep on when employees work from home. A transition needs time for people to adjust, and managers can accommodate that aspect when strategizing. However, giving time does not imply entertaining all excuses. It's just that they must understand the genuine problems people with a big family or little children can have working remotely. There could be network issues, too, in a remote setup.

In such times, managers can be lenient about work timings and give some flexibility for employees to meet targets. An empathic leader motivates employees by giving them the space to become stronger and reframe definite goals. With time, help employees adopt suitable work ethics for remote workers.


Celebrate Milestones

When you reward employees for their smallest to most significant achievements, they push themselves to do better. Companies must celebrate every victory of their employees to push them ahead. Managers have to be mindful and arrange these talks over meetings to keep the spontaneity within the team. It is extremely tough to keep the enthusiasm going in virtual meetings, but don't underestimate the importance of these recognitions. Celebrating these milestones by putting together an employee service award program would mean a lot to the employees who sincerely put in their hard work for its success. 


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Provide Technical Resources

Resources are crucial elements for the work to be done. And companies must keep that in mind before strategizing their action plan to motivate employees. For working remotely, employees must have access to good internet and other tools like chat tools, project management tools, timesheets, telecommunication tools, etc., to ensure smoother workflow. 

Remote work is a bit complex because it requires employees to stay in touch with the team and the management. Hence communication like calls, video conferences, webinars is extremely crucial regularly. Providing such tools at employees' disposal motivates not only them but also increases their productivity. 


Career Growth

Employees always look for companies that help them grow to become experienced professionals with expertise on their stream. Unless managers create opportunities for the employees, they won't feel motivated to work for you. Remote working has made it possible for employees to network with people beyond their company circle. That's why many potential millennials resigned from their current jobs for better prospects. They constantly look out for firms with better values, work standards, and an evolved incentive scheme. So to stay in the game, companies must have attractive projects that would ensure continuous growth in the employees' learning curve. They must assess how to keep their team engaged during virtual meetings. In addition, companies must initiate several programs, seminars, internships, and courses to ensure employee engagement and help develop their mindset. 


Constructive Feedback

Timely feedback encourages employees to bring their best work to the table. Managers must ensure one on one's to understand the issues that employees face and resolve them. Connecting through video calls to discuss timesheets and trackers helps employees make progress. When employees get a channel to share and connect with their supervisors, they do not feel left out, motivating them to work better. Constructive criticism makes employees understand what work they brilliantly execute and where they need help. Timely tracking employees' progress and matching their accomplishments with their set goals gives them the purpose to become their best versions. It also enhances the employer-employee relationship enabling open communication. 


The Need For Better Connectivity

Remote work may seem like a medium where individuals could claim that they get their job done without distractions. However, in reality, remote work needs more connection with the team and management to give them a sense of purpose and teamwork. An organization relies on its employees, who must work together to make the vision and mission of the firm come true. 




Managers must seek ways to ensure no communication gap when working remotely. They must initiate programs to upskill employees and keep them relevant in the new world of work. Any misunderstanding can cost double to the company in terms of finance and network. So, maintaining contacts, checking in via mail, tracking work through meetings, and virtual catchups are fundamental strategies to maintain employee motivation when working remotely.


Address Burnout and Impostor Syndrome

With the emotional stress of maintaining a balance at work and personal life, burnout and impostor syndrome are common issues employees face. Managers must not ignore the signs and direct programs to help employees maintain their mental health. They must set boundaries so that neither do they work overtime nor do they expect that from employees. By respecting the time and effort of employees, managers create quality in the work culture and help employees deal with the remote work stress. Also, giving employees time to rejuvenate motivates them to focus better on work and conquer the greater challenges with an increased focus.


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Prepare For The Future

Remote working will be bigger and better in future. Hence it is up to organizations how quickly they implement the above strategies so that employees do not panic during such transitions. Maintaining employee motivation when working remotely is a daily challenge, but ensuring open communication, guiding, and timely feedback are effective strategies. It is a process of experimentation because it is pretty challenging to understand each employee's motivation factors. Nevertheless, trying on without giving up is the key because uniting the workforce is success half achieved. Everything else follows it. 


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