How To Make Interesting Animated Videos?

Falak Chandna

23rd Jun'21
How To Make Interesting Animated Videos? | OpenGrowth

Have you constantly made an animation video on your own and then deleted it because it was not up to the mark?

Did you ever think that with an auto animation application, how easy would your task have been?

Have you ever tried hiring an expert but couldn’t because they charged high?

Well, these thoughts crawl in your mind at least once while trying animation because people refrain from doing things due to a lack of resources. 


Why Does One Try To Produce Animated Videos?


Animated videos are the ones that connect with citizens of all ages. Everyone has a child in their hearts that needs creativity, which craves the happiness that these pen-drawn characters provide. But there are many parameters, because of which people are unable to launch these videos. Few to mention them are - 

1. Lack of expertise

2. Lack of ideas

3. Lack of sources

4. Inferior quality


And many more -

Fortunately, the technology has improved. A musical and pleasant experience is presently employed to be in the process of transforming ideas into something distinctive. Thanks to many free video animation makers to develop video production apps that allow everyone to exhibit videos without an expert. 


List of Guidelines For Creating An Animated Video


List of Guidelines For Creating An Animated Video


Download A Relevant APP

With the grace of technologies today, there are many applications out in the market for creating opportunities for individuals to explore and make complex tasks easy.

A few applications for animated videos are - 



Moovly allows users to easily create videos using stock media libraries along with their own media objects. The gallery offers a mix of images, clips, and uploaded music, and a catalog of million things, for you to create, share or upload your videos on any social media platform.



In one style available, i.e., whiteboard, Explee concentrates on a blank template. However, do not get fooled by the simplicity; it is sufficient to produce entertaining and clear visual content. This could be the most suitable development tool for you if you want to make whiteboard graphics.



Vyond provides models for various markets, businesses and ideas. You may create stories inspired by a character or convincing visualizations of data, attracting the public and producing outcomes. The interface enables foreign images and sounds to be imported.


Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a versatile app for creating graphics quickly. This smartphone and web application is used for operating effortlessly as motivations come up. You can download photos or only use what's in your library. This tool allows you to personalize and incorporate sound effects.



With this software called Animatron, you can make HTML animations and amazing projections. It can be used easily and has an endorsement of several of the world's leading firms.



Animoto is a renowned web application in developing animated videos, particularly when looking forward to creating explaining videos. There is a large library of extremely immersive and dynamic video models such that the animations can be created without any design expertise. The color, text, and fonts can be changed and made more suitable for your brand. In addition, a whole video or a block or frame may be set for them as needed.



PowToon sells various licenses similar to Moovly, which includes a restricted free license, a pro and a business license. The types of Powtoon are very minimal and mostly animated, as the name implies. The option between the presentation mode and the animation mode is one of the features of PowToon that differentiates itself from the others on the list. But, if you're looking for an option, you already know Powtoon, don't worry, you are protected.



This application is very successful with smartphone users. PicsArt is a smartphone application that offers you all the standard characteristics in content creation that you can request. This software makes editing or making your animated video smoother. You may also use some illustration techniques to create your cartoon. 



Online animator FlipAnim is enjoyable and simple to use. This can be used to animate easily by adjusting the pen tool, scale and color. If you want to render more than one cartoon, you can even add more sections. The best thing is you can drag the joystick to adjust the animation level.



Today, Wideo is a subscriber site for creating content on the market with small models. Wideo is a many-sided video animation tool for creating animations. Wideo offers links to a variety of pre-animated models that are all elegantly crafted. However, the only drawback is that free animations will only last up to 30 seconds. You'll need to change to a premium license for something later.


Choose A Template For Your Animated Video

Not all have the time to start from scratch to develop a lively scene. That is why animated apps have a series of animated models for use and also can be customized. But wait, there is more. A variety of pre-animated "clips' ' are also available: short scenes with artifacts, images, awesome soundtracks, etc. 

Choose the videos you want, series them and change their substance rendering to the required plot. In those clips, you can adjust whatever you like: colors, graphics, text, sound, music, scale, time, effects of animation. 


Finally Animate

Here you can opt for the particular chosen object, and then you can add some of the animations over it. These animations can be added to your content only when the individual content is selected. Now synchronize the same with all others. 

Also, after you're done with the above tasks, try and add some interestingly wow music to your content to attract the viewer instantly.

Now you can try playing your video and check if there seems to be any issue.






It is now time to present your viewers a great clip!

Moving further, are you ready to make a note of your ideas daily for them to get developed in such a beautiful manner?

If yes, then it's great to know about your dedication and determination!! 

Happy Animation!!


From the cloudiest days to enchanting nights, she holds the fire in her belly and the zeal in her eyes. 
Falak is an astonishing content writer and a former event manager. The craze for creativity runs in her blood and to bring the change in the human mindset is what she believes to stand for.  She yearns to contribute to society with all her knowledge and her experiences throughout.


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