How To Make The Videos Go Viral?

Falak Chandna

28th Jun'21
How To Make The Videos Go Viral? | OpenGrowth

The term ‘gone viral’ has created a lot of buzz in the world of the internet.  

The term 'viral' is usually used with terms like "believed" or "unbelievable" in group vocabulary knowledge. These terms are reflected in viral videos since the viral method of internet sharing is becoming mainstream. 

Video Platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, social media websites or even emails have commonly broken new grounds. Although many viral videos are hilarious or enjoyable, they can also be supreme, emotional and behavioral.

Viral videos are without a doubt seen by many advertisers as an ultimate opportunity. While it is believed that videos go only viral by luck or coincidence, this doesn't consistently apply. It takes a lot of time to prepare, strategize, and combine elements to deliver a structural video worth sharing that becomes a viral phenomenon. 

Furthermore, over the years, what makes news "viral" has evolved. But viral videos endure the ones that ultimately obscure the connections between social media sites. A successful viral video is present mostly on Facebook and Instagram, but they are present on other websites like BuzzFeed, Hubspot, etc.

Extremely browseable material will lift your market, direct new users back to your site and make conversions more frequent. However, it is far from straightforward to develop a viral film.

But, first and foremost, do you know how to make a video go viral? 




Hacks And Suggestions To Launch A Video That Can Go Viral


7 Seconds Rule

The first 7 seconds of a viral video are very crucial. They are compelling, enticing and engaging. It makes sense, right? Social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram have so much content that users would easily scroll away if the video has no appeal. Therefore, it makes perfect sense at the distinct beginning of a video to convince users to connect something visceral, surprising, influential or spectacular.


Short Video

People are all so used to instant delight that it is unlikely to manage explicit attention towards something. People continuously struggle to pay attention to work calls, family members, emails, sponsors, television networks, social media influencers, video makers, clickbait posts and more. This is why almost all popular viral videos are brief and interruptive. The maximum time limit for a video to catch someone’s attention should be of approximately 30 seconds to 60 seconds.


Video Elements

If the advertising group chooses a complete topic-driven creation or a more straightforward video, this will increase the depth and affection for the video. The elements that a video can include are - 



A certain sense of humor about most things is usually shared online nowadays. Users love the fun exchange of content and funny Facebook status with their colleagues, friends, and family. This is how the content goes viral when it is popular and shared.



Videos are viral, and they're connected to the audience. Your videos should make people laugh, tell a story, educate and convince. So, how do you relate to the content of your video? Is it connecting enough for a video to go viral?



For a reason, if considered, user attention is still directed to new headlines. They're attractive and debatable. Along with criticism, the exposure that a video earns is not suitable for many brands. But because there are frequent updates in the market, a minor controversy can elope within a few days of some unwanted arguments and unhealthy criticism. They are giving a brand a lot in return.


Advertising Outlook

Each marketing strategy aims at creating a chronicle for a business. Part of this phase is showing individuality as the company decides to climb aboard in video. Regardless of whether the on-camera talks or the editing style, the video personality should cohesively match the ultimate marketing approach.


Create An Appropriate Thumbnail

The first thing your followers can perceive if they post your video on social media represents your attributes. This is particularly valid for sites on social media which do not use autoplay! You need to construct a snapshot that captures and clicks the substance of the video. If possible, stop using the text since certain displays and configurations can appear a little blurred.


Compelling Headline

A title worthy of the click is written for any video. You don't have to use bad journalism titles if you’re not branding, but you'll need a strong headline that goes down the line between consistency and anticipation. The title must set video goals. Some viewers are inquisitive, while others take advantage of the way that the video makes you feel. The significant thing is to find out what appeals to your audience and to respond strongly.



Although all the preceding steps play a key role in making your video viral, it is definitely the most critical move to broaden its magnitude.

The easiest way to achieve this would be to have a combination of media obtained, operated and paid for. 

It stands to reason, assign some certain budget to boost your video on social media sites and various other platforms like ScoopWhoop, Upworthy, etc.


Include A Call To Action




After viewing, the audience should be inspired to do something or overlook the video as soon as they see the next one. Call to action buttons or a connecting link in the video to social media accounts, websites, etc., is truly necessary.

To conclude, search stories that encourage your viewership to reach the viral strength you are willing to acquire, whether it's a fighting tale to overcome or rise against failure or to achieve prosperity. The public wants an inspiring story because the more inspiring it is, the more they want to exchange it with others. 

It is not elementary to produce viral videos - if it were, every company would possess some viral records. These hacks and suggestions will encourage you to boost the shareability and consistency of your information and enhance your chances of viral success.


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