How To Mentor Someone Who has Manipulative Tendencies

Isha Panwar

30th Dec'20

Signs of a Manipulative Person

The thing is, manipulation is all about control. It is used to gain power in a situation, enabling one side to have all the advantages while the other feels demoralized. The person controls your behaviors and decisions to get what he or she wants. The result is a toxic environment that is not only demoralizing but also derails your success the need for mentorship at work arises in this situation.

In the beginning, you may not even know it’s happening, because you are constantly conceding to their demands. But sooner or later, you'll get beaten down. Your self-esteem drops, you lose confidence and your overall demeanor changes, and it's all of the manipulations and not to be treated by mentorship.

You can end up having a manipulative person around you in any form, be it your friend, your boss, an employee, or a co-worker.


Mentor someone who has manipulative tendencies


Read below to know about some signs of a manipulative person:

Five signs of a manipulative person

How to discover if someone is manipulating you mentorship is one step. But first, let's take a look at what are the symptoms of a manipulative person. Read more.

Ten habits of manipulative people

Manipulators tend to play around with the facts to gain sympathy and turn the situation in their favor. Here are a few habits of manipulative people. Read more.


Mentoring A Manipulative Employee

Being an employer increases the load over your shoulders. You own a workplace and recruit employees. The workplace is a gathering of people from different backgrounds and with the different thought process. The set of people who have hired does not need to possess the same mental level. Some can be highly sensitive, while others can be manipulative and wish to have every situation in their court here the best to describe mentorship program refining work culture.

This situation becomes challenging for an employer to handle manipulative employees.

Read below to get some tips on the same:

How to deal with a manipulative employee

The five alarming signs that an employee is trying to manipulate you and get to know how you should tackle. Read more.

How to Handle Manipulative Employee, Managers, and Clients 

Someone who is manipulative will attempt to achieve their desired goals through lying or influencing other people’s emotions. Read more.

How To Deal With Manipulative Employee

Manipulative behaviors are because of two causes what they want and to establish power and control. Here are some tips which help you to tackle manipulative employee. Read more.


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