How to Onboard Employees during a Crisis?


22nd Jul'20

The hiring situation


The world has experienced a major quake in its economy for the past months of this year. The entry of the unwelcome guest, COVID-19 shook the entire globe and also caused the downfall of some sectors across the world. The informal sector has been the worst hit by Covid-19, as cash-starved businesses have either shut shop or delayed workers’ salaries. The hiring activity declined during March-April everywhere on the globe.


Do’s and Don’ts while onboarding in the current situation


But time heals the pain and the same is being seen. The world is trying to normalise itself and get back to its normalcy. Companies and organisations are gearing up to build their fallen castles back. Some are dropping off their excessive employees but the others are in the search of new members for their organisation. In this situation of the pandemic, the question that arises is how to hire and get new employees onboard?

  • Manage the pace of onboarding.
  • Be attuned to concerns over physical contact
  • Create jobs that can be done from home
  • Respect employee privacy


Visit the below link to read more about the do’s and don’ts while onboarding an employee during the crisis:


The Key: Effectively Working Remotely


New employment opportunities should be encouraged as it will help the country’s economy.

Working remotely will be a new thing for the employee as well as the employer. But coping up with the situation, this is the only way out.

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A team works happily and in the right direction only when it gets the best positive environment. This can be easily done by boosting them up. Read the article to know how can you boost your team’s productivity?


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