How to patent your product?

Let's say you have high-quality thinking for an invention or product. One that would possibly be in excessive demand as soon as it's produced, and lead to income for you. That makes it tempting to others, however. How can you shield that notion from those who may want to steal your concept or name it their own?




Getting Permission to Patent a Product

Obtaining a patent on a product is a way to impenetrable your individual rights. However, hiring a patent legal professional can be pricey. On the one hand, if the patent is complicated or raises intricate felony issues, paying a lawyer's charge would possibly be a smart investment, given that a lawyer's know-how and judgment is fundamental to guard your interests.

On the different hand, there are conditions the place anybody may no longer truly need a patent attorney to acquire a patent a product. If you are capable to cope with the method yourself, you should store hundreds of greenbacks in attorneys' expenses and have more extensive management of the process to boot. 

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Getting a Patent on Your Own

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Types of patent applications granted

  1. Ordinary or Non-Provisional Application
  2. Convention Application
  3. PCT International Application
  4. PCT National Phase Application
  5. Patent of Addition
  6. Divisional Application

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How to patent your product?


How to file a patent

For the uninitiated: a patent is a kind of monopoly the authorities offer inventors for a set duration of time, giving the inventor the exceptional proper to manufacture, sell, use, or in any other case gain from. Basically, it ensures that no one else can steal your special design/idea.

Well, until you are a patent troll. In that case, you make a profession of shopping for patents and threatening inventors and organizations with lawsuits. Even if you work with a patent attorney, this is your baby, and you have to get as familiar with the procedure as possible.

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Determine the type of Intellectual Property protection

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