How to Plan and Design an Exhibition

How to Plan and Design an Exhibition | OpenGrowth

Startup exhibition is a unique event designed to bring together Startups, govt agencies, investors, corporate, professionals, embassies, students, support organizations, service providers, and many others exploring partnering possibilities with a pool of talent across various sectors.


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Before you begin:

Consider your target audience: who will visit and interact with it? Step into your visitor’s shoes and consider their perspective:

  • Think about what subjects or themes your target audience would enjoy learning about.

  • Think about why they are coming to visit your exhibition in person or online.

  • People visit exhibitions for several reasons: for information, for personal identity and reinforcement of personal values, for social interaction, and for entertainment and relaxation.



Exhibition stand design tips

Structuring a particular exhibition stand, that makes your business stick out, yet makes a solid impression, can be mind-boggling. Space limitations cooperate with immense quantities of exhibitors, can restrain your visual effect, and make it hard for you to take note. 

It's basic that your exhibition stand channels a "goodness factor,” to be in a flash conspicuous and make a solid impression. While I'm certain you've heard it ordinarily, early introductions truly check, particularly with regards to pulling in exhibition traffic. Your organization may well offer a prevalent item or administration, yet on the off chance that you have practically zero visual intrigues, potential clients could direct away from you under the control of your rivals. 

So how might you hang out in a packed exhibition?  Refer these 10 exhibition stand design tips below, and you won’t go wrong:

  • Set Goals Before you start designing anything

  • Maximize Space, don’t restrict yourself.

  • Go Tall or Go Home. 

  • Don't be Text-Heavy. 

  • Lighting is a key factor. It’s the light that mainly decides the theme and ambiance.

  • Include Graphics. Afterall, visual delights are a treat to the eyes.

  • Consider different materials.

  • Include Tech. It can reduce your workload up to 10 times.

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