How to Register with Restaurants Aggregators as a Small Cooking Business?

Roshni Khatri

5th Aug'22
How to Register with Restaurants Aggregators as a Small Cooking Business? | OpenGrowth

In the last few years, the demand for food ordering has emerged tremendously, especially during and after the pandemic. Nowadays restaurants opt to tie up with small cooking businesses to deliver the food to the customer’s doorstep. This system is climbing mountains with each passing day. 

As people are enjoying this concept and are friendly with the food delivery businesses. Moreover, the concept of a cloud kitchen is leading the food industry to the heights of monetary success. The food aggregators such as swiggy or zomato are the soul mates of the food industry. With this you should also know about the market of packed food, as this can enable you to explore more opportunities in your small cooking business.

So if you are also having a small cooking business then the article is for you, as we are going to mention how to get registered with the restaurant aggregators. The two prime giants of the industry are Swiggy and Zomato, we will have insight into the registration procedure with these heart-core organizations.


Food Aggregators


Swiggy and Zomato

As restaurant aggregators, Swiggy and Zomato support the operation and expansion of smaller diners and restaurants. Let’s have a quick intro to these companies.

In 2008 Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah founded a company named Foodiebay, and this entity was changed to Zomato in 2010. In 2011 it expanded almost all over the major states such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad. The corporation was operating so well that it entered in the international markets also. The entity expanded its business in the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Qatar, the Philippines, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

In 2013, the company operated the trade-in in New Zealand, Turkey, Brazil and Indonesia. This all with the websites and apps available in the native languages of the particular place such as Turkish, Portuguese, Indonesia and English Language. 

On the other hand, Swiggy started the business with courier services and later in 2014, it entered in the food delivery market. But it was not easy for the entity to capture the market as there were big players like food panda, Tiny Owl and Ola café. 

But the company focused on logistics and business strategies effectively and grew rapidly. So these are two major food industry champions who are the kings of the food delivery system. You can register with any of them. 


Food Aggregators


Documents Required for Partnering With the Restaurant Aggregators

Some essential credentials and identity information are required to join the food ordering platforms. However, depending on the needs of the locality, they may vary from company to company. Though there is the basic list have a look:

  • To register, you must possess an FSSAI license that verifies the food's quality.

  • A pan card on the company’s name 

  • A voided check for the company

  • A copy of your bill with all the charges and taxes shown on it

  • Your Restaurant Menu

  • Owners' information, including images and identity documents, among other things

Besides this, before signing up with the restaurants you need to take care of a couple of things. For instance, the cost of business with food technology companies as this cost is usually in the form of a percentage commission from the total amount of each order.



Well, you would please know that both Swiggy and Zomato do not charge the restaurants for listing and getting on board. As they work on a commission basis such as 15 to 22 percent plus GST per order with their portals. However, you can avail several benefits by opting for paid services.

Depending upon the area and location, the aggregator services take approximately two to four weeks to register at their portal. Moreover, if the documentation of the other process is fine then the registration process finishes soon but if there is any kind of issue with the documents or with any other formality then it may take more time. Therefore it is suggested to check the documents properly before applying.


Reasons behind the Growth of Restaurant Aggregators

As per Statista, the food delivery market is estimated to grow at a growth rate of 9.1% and that would result in a market volume of USD 11,569 million by 2023. This swiggy or zomato are the synonyms of online food delivery space. These top online food aggregators have received a lot of investment as a result of their success. 

These companies have received billions of dollars in investment funding. For instance, Swiggy, the most valuable food delivery company in the nation, raised more than a billion dollars in a single week. Isn’t it Pretty Impressive!


Advantages of Partnering with the Restaurant Aggregators

To start a small cooking business requires a platform to be promoted and increase sales. By joining the restaurants, you can enhance your chances of being successful in the food industry. Here some prime advantages of it are described:

No Need to Care about Delivery

Organizing deliveries is a constant hassle, right? Directly taking orders from customers is difficult as well. Therefore platforms like Swiggy or Zomato have been made for you to have a wonderful customer experience. The ability to create a positive client experience will determine the food aggregator's success.


Food Aggregators


Built for Customer Service as a Priority

Thanks to the fantastic order tracking services of food aggregators customers can keep track of the progress of their deliveries. They are quick to respond and address issues if there is ever a rare delivery issue. 

If they end up delaying the customer's order, they'll probably give them free credits for their subsequent transaction as payment. Their brand puts a high value on providing excellent customer service, and they never waiver from that commitment.


Feedbacks are the most integral part of every business. If you are solely handling the business then it can be quite complex for you to avail the feedback. But if you have the tie-up with the food aggregators then they enable your customers to give the ratings and reviews.

With this the customer would be able to provide feedback on the time, taste, quality and food packaging etc. After this, you have to work according to the feedback and let things go with the flow.

Besides this you should also know about a restaurant business plan as it will guide you in launching and running a business smoothly.



If you want to partner with food aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato, then you need to be fully aware of the legal requirements. You might have understood why tying up with food aggregators would help you in winning the race. The desire for online ordering services won't diminish any time soon. So You can take advantage of the chance to elevate your brand.


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