How to Run an Efficient and Effective All Hands Meeting

Isha Panwar

10th Feb'21
How to Run an Efficient and Effective All Hands Meeting | OpenGrowth

What are All-hands Meetings?

An all-hands meeting brings the whole organization jointly to share updates, ask issues, and get to know senior leadership better. Unlike team- or department-level meetings, an all-hands meeting assures everyone collects the exact information and messages. 

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How to run an efficient and effective All Hands meeting

Whenever a new hire joins the company, we give them an opportunity to introduce themselves to the whole company. On their second week, they share who they are, their role, their impression of Front after their first week on the job. To read more, Click Here 


Run an Efficient and Effective All Hands Meeting


All Hands Meeting Best Practices

During the all-hands meeting, the entire organization comes together to share information and updates, celebrate victories, ask and solve questions. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for everyone at every level to have a two-way conversation that can enhance the team.

This gives it a benefit over small team meetings that don’t ensure everyone receives the exact message, and one-way email attacks that can feel totally neutral. If senior leadership has a rep for being frigid and elusive, all-hands meetings can go a long way in unlocking that image. 

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15 secrets to a successful all-hands meeting

Everybody should feel included in your all-hands meeting — including remote employees who are not there in person. Unfortunately, technical glitches or even a lack of regard for remote attendees can sabotage that team-centered atmosphere you’re working so hard to cultivate. To read more, Click Here

Want to create better all-hands meetings? Here’s how

A good all hand meeting gives everyone from interns to VPs a chance to ask questions, raise concerns, and showcase their teams’ victories. To read more, Click Here 


Efficient Virtual All Hands Meeting

With the COVID-19 coronavirus striding people to remote working agreements, holding virtual all-hands meetings has serve the most efficient way to touch base with employees.

While virtual meetings are implied to make your remote and global team feel comprised, a poorly executed one might end up disaffect them entirely. On the other hand, a virtual all hands meetings can do a ton for your employee motivation, even if you aren’t able to have them current at the venue. Even if people are not in the exact space, it's significant to assure that everyone shares the exact feeling of ease, authenticity and welcome.

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15 Fresh Ideas for Your Next Virtual All-Hands Meeting

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How We Hold an Engaging All Hands Meeting as a Remote Team

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How To Engage Remote Employees During An All-Hands Call

All-hands meetings are the perfect vehicle to disseminate critical information throughout your organization and ensure that everyone is working to meet shared goals. To read more, Click Here


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