How to Set up a Travel Social Media Marketing Strategy

Manali Mehrishi

29th Dec'22
How to Set up a Travel Social Media Marketing Strategy | OpenGrowth


From planning a destination, choosing a hotel, and reading reviews to posting travel pictures, we share the entire travel experience on social media. As a travel entrepreneur, you must leverage this trend to promote your business, build connections, create brand awareness, and attract potential leads.


There is a lot of competition on social media, especially in the travel domain. You have to make an effort to stand out and make an impact. Identify your core values, company strengths, and beliefs and let them reflect in your social media identity. People are likely to choose companies that are seen as trustworthy and treat people with respect.


Whether you own a travel agency, a backpack company, or a big hotel, social media marketing is inevitable for you. Of course, It takes time, effort, and resources to build a social media presence, but the benefits outweigh the effort. But remember, just marketing is not the end goal optimizing social media marketing for your business is the goal.


The following steps will help you create a social media marketing strategy for your travel business.


How do you market travel on social media?


Set up resources


Set up the staff and budget corresponding to your business goals. Depending on the size of your company, you need to have a content team and a social media marketing team. Posting online content, responding to customer queries, and analyzing trends require different skill sets. You can also outsource the work to content companies or hire freelancers.


You also need to plan out the budget and manage to spend on paid advertising, even though well-curated organic content can often drive more traffic to your business than paid ads.


Define your goals and expectations from social media marketing. Whether your goal is to attract new customers, retain existing ones or get more followers, align your marketing strategy with your business goals, or you’ll be shooting in the dark and wasting resources.


Identify the best social media platform for your organization


The travel business is a visual one. It involves pictures, videos, and colorful experiences. Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram are more suitable for posting hotel pics, customer testimonials, etc. But you can use text-centric platforms like Twitter and quora to solve customer queries and handle complaints. The choice of your social media platform depends on your business goals. 


Know your target audience


Studies have shown that Genz and millennials are more active on social media and plan their entire travel experience influenced by that. You need to perform market research, surveys, and interviews to analyze how and through which platforms they interact the most. For example, people refer to travel boards on Pinterest for location ideas and sightseeing, post-holiday reels and videos on Instagram, read reviews on google, and post queries on Twitter or quora. To connect with other travel professionals and analyze industry trends you can use a professional platform like LinkedIn.


Gather insights about audience demographics, hobbies, preferences, and online behavior. Customer profiling helps to create specific ad campaigns that influence the consumer by keeping in mind their predictable behavior.


Post compelling content


After you’ve identified the best social media platforms to promote your travel business and set up your resources, it's time to start posting. Make your content unique, and show a human side so people can connect with you. Use humor and honesty, be consistent, and try to answer all questions and respond to DMs. 


Another important thing is to offer lead magnets-they can be free travel guides, a list of top things to do, or a list of best budget destinations in exchange for their email id. Email ids are a great source of directly promoting your brand to potential leads. 


Leverage influencers


More and more brands from every industry are choosing social influencers instead of celebrities to promote their brand, as people consider them one of their own. Credible influencers have millions of followers. If they post about your traveling business, it can give a lot of exposure to your brand and bring new customers.


Read and respond to reviews.


Even after delivering an excellent customer experience, you might upset some customers. Embrace criticism with grace. Respond to negative comments politely, and do not play the blame game. Acknowledge the discomfort caused to someone, apologize, and ensure to look into the matter and make amends for it.


A study conducted by trip advisor indicates that when people realize that the management is directly responding to negative feedback, they cut back on unnecessary negative posting. 


Review analytics


Monitoring and reviewing your marketing campaigns is as important as planning and executing them. Counting your likes and comments is not enough. Analyze the kind of posts that users engage with the most and which posts bring traffic to your website.


Tracking your metrics will help you make better future decisions. You can focus more on what’s working for you and modify unsuccessful strategies. It will save you time and effort.  




The travel industry is a massive business with large multinationals in it. You must follow a unique promotional campaign to make your brand shine and stand out from the crowd. 

Do your research, identify the best platform for your business, showcase your brand personality through your content, and post frequently. 

Read and respond to online feedback to understand how people feel about your brand and take their requests and recommendations seriously to improve your business.

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