Do You Know About Solopreneurship?

Neda Ali (Editor)

14th Apr'21
Do You Know About Solopreneurship? | OpenGrowth

How is Solopreneur different from Entrepreneur?

A solopreneur is someone who runs their business alone and is ultimately responsible for its success or failure. Entrepreneurs turn to employees to help grow and expand their business over time, while a solopreneur will continue to run things themselves and instead may outsource providers and engage with freelancers for help. Typically, entrepreneurs seek to grow their business to eventually sell it to a bigger brand or business, but a solopreneur wants to keep their business their own.

Solopreneur different from Entrepreneur

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What is a Solopreneur?

Solopreneur is a mixture of two words, Solo and Entrepreneur. To know in detail what is solopreneur, read the article:

6 differences between Solopreneur and Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is an individual who starts and runs their own business. They do not necessarily manage all aspects of their business independently as a solopreneur does. To know 6 differences between Solopreneur and Entrepreneur, click here:

Differences between Solopreneur and Entrepreneur

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Pros and Cons

Any new thing that you start, has both pros and cons in its way. A solopreneur maintains complete control of their business at all times. You’re not necessarily looking to grow a business that expands worldwide or transforms into a global empire, you want to grow your business but remain in control of your venture. The benefit? You get to keep most, if not all, of the money your business makes.

On the other hand, it can also be easy to lose inspiration and get overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks that come with running a small business. You have limited outside perspective and no co-workers around you to brainstorm or collaborate with, but it just means you’ll need to look beyond your business to find help.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Solopreneurship:

Pros and Cons of Solopreneurs

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Pros and cons of being a Solopreneur

“Solopreneur” refers to a special kind of entrepreneur, a person who works solely by him/herself. Being a solopreneur has both positive traits and a few drawbacks. To know more, click here:


Solopreneurship Pricing


How to set your rates as a Solopreneur?

Either you work alone or with a group, revenue generation remains a common goal. To maximize your revenue as a solopreneur, you need to know about the pricing of your work. There are different ways to set rates, depending upon the type of work you do, how you do, your customers’ expectations, and the products or services you provide.

Whether you start a freelance business or you do a product based service, generating revenue is the prime goal. You should know the proper ways to integrate income and increase the profitability of your business.

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Ways to set your rates as a Solopreneur

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Easy guide to Solopreneurship Pricing

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