How To Shoot CINEMATIC VIDEO With Smartphone?

Falak Chandna

22nd Jun'21
How To Shoot CINEMATIC VIDEO With Smartphone? | OpenGrowth

It was never as simple to record video films ever. Each year a new range of smartphones is released, each with an advanced version of camera and photo video capturing and editing features. Moreover, anyone can start filming fantastic films, vlogging or even recording an animated movie or story with only a smartphone with a little practice and access to some applications.

Yes, you got a jackpot of tips and tricks that you need to adhere to to make a video that outshines all your efforts.


Tips To Make A Cinematic Video





The most important thing to understand while making a video or capturing an image is the angle at which it needs to be captured through yours. To do this, you need to watch specific videos on youtube made through the phone, and then you can acknowledge some of the angles that give you the best reel. Doing the above homework will provide you with enough knowledge to begin to create an enormous amount of videos to market your brand or just make a video, which all suits your purpose. So are you ready?



First, a brilliant director thinks about a mood board. There is no thumb rule here, but a phone shooting has limitations, and one must adhere to the job at hand and not be swallowed up by the setting. Hence, a Storyline gives you an alignment for your video to shoot scenes frame by frame.


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Lighting Availability

It is a misunderstanding that cameras make pictures look filmy. They don't. Films, in fact, combine many film elements such as camera movement, blocking, costuming, and screen design. But lighting may well be one of the biggest assets you have. That's why shooting the moment before sunrise, right after sunset, at Golden Hour, because the light is soft, warm and fine is the only thing that is free and magnificent. Well, act on an illumination setup that makes the pictures more film and professional if you've got lights and transformers around.


Landscape Mode

You must first remember to make a film - Not a photograph, not a snapshot, not something that you can only put on social media for fun. Now you must memorize to switch sideways to your mobile. It's known as landscape mode. Profile mode is the usual way to keep your phone. It is because you would have black bars on either side of your frame if you don't take your film in landscape orientation and thus, your movie won't fill the whole display. So, remember not to profile the movie!!


Time Lapse

Time-lapse photography is the method of filming whereby the pace of film capture is much smaller than that of the series. When this loop is replayed at standard speed, time seems to move quicker. In other words, it is time-lapse if you want to manipulate the photograph. With the time-lapse photography techniques, you can record and then view objects and events, usually taking hours, days, months or years.


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zoom in


Zoom In 

The optical telephone zoom on the subject is a big NO if you try to shoot quality film. Although we have smartphone video stabilization, when you zoom in on an object, they are not so successful. The video can be blurry and distorted even with minimal vibration. And that's for sure that no one would want to have a look at a distorted video. Would you?



You certainly need a way of stabilizing the camera when you use your smartphone to film your project. It is practically difficult to keep your camera fully still without the help of any kind of equipment and you need the stability to clean and professionalize the finished product. Videos or movies with a lot of action with blurry cameras look very amateurish and disorientating to audiences. Tripod or a camera stand would be good options!!


Audio Quality

We can't underline enough how critical filmmaking audio quality can be. You must ensure that the audio is clear to hear, especially when you listen to the audio as a customer and remove as much disruptive background noise as possible. You'll want to play with an external mic if you want a smartphone video that should look completely professional. You will find Mics connecting directly to your mobile and wireless options that allow your performers and speakers more versatility while still grabbing toasted audio.


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Besides, now when you are ready with the effective tricks, here are some of the essential elements that you would need to record a panoramic video. 



It can also be difficult to hold a compact and lightweight handset. Therefore, place your phone on a tripod to prevent interjects and blurry images. Tripods that are specifically built for phones can be easily found on the market.



The battery is another problem during the shooting of films. Often make sure that the handset has maximum charge or connect to your smartphone’s portable charger or a power bank.



If your smartphone’s restricted functions and video choices do not satisfy you, try installing film-making applications. They have various recording modes, selectable configurations, unconventional input picture quality, audio processing speeds, support for stereo tracks, etc.


Backup Plan

HD images are bandwidth-consuming. So, make sure your mobile has ample storage. Stop shooting and pass the videos to the laptop if your mobile device is low on memory.

In conclusion, your mobile is undoubtedly an ideal tool to test movie skills. Many professional filmmakers have also made functional films on their handsets. However, now you have a few tips and tricks to follow to create movies and videos on your mobile. Through an external microphone, you can improve audio quality, and a stabilizer or a tripod keeps the camera constant when filming. These two elements contribute to the project's polished look. Before you go, to confirm you have all the gadgets to make something you are proud of, make sure you invest in a good smartphone.

Happy Filming!!



From the cloudiest days to enchanting nights, she holds the fire in her belly and the zeal in her eyes. 
Falak is an astonishing content writer and a former event manager. The craze for creativity runs in her blood and to bring the change in the human mindset is what she believes to stand for.  She yearns to contribute to society with all her knowledge and her experiences throughout.


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