How to Tackle Failures With Crisis Management?

Isha Panwar

4th Dec'20
How to Tackle Failures With Crisis Management? | OpenGrowth


Crisis management is a critical organizational function. Failure can result in significant harm to stakeholders, losses for an organization, or end its very existence. Public relations practitioners are an essential part of crisis management teams. So a set of nicest practices and tasks gleaned from our knowledge of crisis management would be a very valuable resource for those in any field.


Why is Crisis Management Marketing important?

Crisis management planning isn't only about being reasonably equipped to respond to specific incidents effectively. Formulating a crisis management plan also helps teams identify possible threats as they plan and game out the tasks, communications, and information they may require to deal with those threats.

Another benefit of crisis management planning is that it can help firms mitigate possible legal exposure in the case of a crisis – disclosure to the organization and senior stakeholders.

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The Necessity Of A Crisis Management Plan 

Crisis management is the need of any business organization to combat a difficult situation. Here is the way you can strategize your plan. Read more.

Why Crisis Management Is Important For Business?

Reacting to a crisis is the no way solution, but forecasting a crisis and plan accordingly is the smart way to tackle it. Read more.

How important to plan for a crisis beforehand

Every business at some point faces a crisis. It's good to plan and be proactive about it rather than reactive. Read more.


Crisis Management


Type of Crisis Management 

There are five types of crises that might have a consequence on your organization.

Financial Crisis: 

 A financial crisis occurs when a business falls value in its assets and can't afford to pay off expenses. 

Personnel Crisis:

It occurs when an internal stakeholder of the organization is accused of an illegal or unethical downfall that affects the company's reputation.

 Organizational Crisis: 

Organizational crises occur when a business manipulates its customers to gain more profits or information. 

Technological Crisis:

 A technological crisis occurs when an organization's technology blows, such as when a server breaks or an error arises in a software product.

Natural Crisis: 

A natural crisis occurs when drastic weather interrupts normal business functions.


Best Crisis Management Examples:

There are enormous companies that have set an example for dealing with crisis management.

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Learn from examples of crisis management 

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Examples of crisis communication

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Adequate crisis communication references from leading brands in Asia

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