How to Test Your Wi-Fi Speed? 

We are dependent on the internet for almost everything. What happens when your internet connection fails to work or gives the desired speed? You panic and start calling the network operators for help. 

Well, there can be a simpler way to check your internet speed to see if there is a problem with your wi-fi. There are various services online that will help you check your wi-fi speed. These websites can be accessed through any browser. A lot depends on the internet connection speed. This also impacts your online communication:  impact on the business world. 

Take a look at the blog to get a detailed idea of how the internet speed tests work and how to make sure you have the best wi-fi speed. 


How to run a wi-fi speed test 

Checking a wi-fi speed does not take more than 20-30 seconds. It can be completed in three simple steps: 

  • Pick a service in any web browser 
  • Press the Go or Run Test button 
  • Wait for it o finish 

Sounds simple right? 

Though the process is simple, various factors determine the speed of your wi-fi. If you need the wi-fi speed, one thing becomes easy for you website optimization: the ultimate guide


how to tet your wifi speed


Elements that measure the wi-fi speed 

When you take the wi-fi internet connection speed test, it measures three elements: 

  • Ping rate or latency 
  • Download Speed 
  • Upload Speed

Let us understand then in detail. 


Ping Rate or Latency 

The ping rate measures the latency of the network. Latency is the time taken for a data packet to travel from the sender to the receiver and vice versa. Your ping rate should remain not more than 150 milliseconds and not less than 20 milliseconds. 


Download Speed 

Download speed is one of the most important elements while testing the wi-fi speed. It determines how fast your data is being downloaded into your system or device. The internet data is measured in megabytes per second, Mbps. 

The test determines the speed at which your wi-fi is downloading the data, adjusting its size and time it takes to do so. The results of this test are based upon the internet package you have subscribed to, the internet connection provider, and the services you have signed up for. 


Upload Speed 

Upload Speed is one of the significant elements to measure the speed of your wi-fi. This determines how much time it takes to upload the data on the internet. The upload test works the same as the download test. After you get the test results, you can compare them with speed mentioned in your package. 

Though it is a good habit to check your internet connection speed, you need to follow some dos and don’ts. 


how to test your wifi speed


Do’s and Dont’s while checking your wi-fi speed 

You must keep the following checks in mind while testing the speed of your internet connection. 


Use the right speed test tool 

When you decide to test your wi-fi speed, one thing that comes to your mind is, “Which is the best tool to check the wi-fi speed?” The answer is simple. Some internet providers have their tools to check the wi-fi internet speed. You can rely on those because your connection provider provides them. 

Else, you need to check on authentic online internet connection checking tools. You can use options like HTML 5 service to check your wi-fi- speed. However, if you use a non-reliable site to check the speed as this will make your device prone to computer worms and viruses. 


Check your wi-fi speed multiple times 

To get the proper result of the speed test, it is recommended that you perform the speed test more than once. Internet speed can be quite volatile. Many external factors like weather, poor network, and other things affect your internet connection speed. 

By conducting the test more than thrice, you can get accurate data of what exact speed is your wi-fi connection giving you. 


The timing should be right 

You have to conduct the test at the right time. The more people log in to the network, the slower the speed of your internet connection. Therefore, avoid conducting the test during peak hours. Choose a Sunday or a holiday when the load on the internet is minimum. 


how to test your wifi speed


Find the right place 

To get the best speed test results, you need to keep the wi-fi router at the right place in your house or office. So, before you conduct the test, you need to identify the weak spots of the internet in your house. 


Don’t leave downloads on 

Remember to disconnect all the other devices that are connected to the wi-fi. Also, you need to stop the downloads while conducting your speed tests. To see the best results, you need to maximize the bandwidth available for the device you are using. Active downloads can reduce your bandwidth. Therefore, all the downloads should be paused. 


Why do you need to check your wi-fi speed?

There are multiple reasons why you should check your wi-fi speed. 

  • Check if you are paying the right cost. 
  • To see if you are getting what your service provider promised you.
  • Time to check if you need to switch your service provider 
  • Know the peak and non-peak hours 



Conducting the wi-fi speed tests regularly will help you keep a network check. 


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